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New review - Savannah Jade

Hi! I'm sure everyone knows Goodreads. I'm on a group that organize this thing called R2R (Read 2 Review), where authors gives copies of their books in exchange of reviews.
I believe they're organized at least 16 signs up. I've only participated in 3, but I had the chance of reading 3 incredibles books.
And this time I read one of the books ever! I really loved it! It only took me 2 days to read it, and I would probably have ended it sooner but I need to sleep.

So here's my review!

Savannah JadeSavannah Jade by Sandra Cimadori

Synopsis:Trailer trash is what people in Port Regal, South Carolina call seventeen year old Savannah Jade Mason and her family. Savannah dreams of doing important, spectacular things, but it is unlikely she ever will given her spectacular ability for getting into trouble. When her mother dies, the family's circumstances sink further into the Lowcountry swamp. Adult responsibilities are thrust on Savannah overnight. She is the only one left to care for her elderly grandmother and little brother - Savannah's older sister is in jail and no good to anyone.
Who can Savannah turn to? Will it be Jonah her rocker boyfriend who she has loved for years, Derek who is anxious to escape his new wife and baby or steady and dependable Luca who she sees only as a friend? The revelation of a family secret will shake her identity to its core, lead her to question all her relationships and set her on the road to self reliance.

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars
(I'd like to give it 10 of 5)

I received this book from the author as part of the R2R event. And I have to thanks Sandra for the oportunity of reading such an amazing book.

Does every choice in our lifes have a consequence? Well, yes! And it doesn't have to be a bad one. Every choice we make, every word we say, everything, has an impact in our lifes and everybody around us.

This story is about that. About face life and everything that comes with it.
Savannah Jade, is a lovely girl. A great "woman" that has to deal with the death of her mother, be in charge of her grandmother and her little brother, and also has to deal with the past of her family. Because our lifes are not only the amount of things we do but also the things others did before us. I hate how these things are suposed to define us. Where we are born, who are parents are, what our family does and all that.

When a book has the power of make you cry, laugh and feel everything the characters are feeling, you know that the author has done a great job! It's not easy to be able to really transport the reader only by words to a different place, and make them feel all those things.

And I have to say that I loved the parallelism between tattoos and our lifes, with those little notes about tattooing you can say much. Tattoos are permanent, as our choices, not matter that now you have the possibility of erase it, it will never be the same.
We can try to forget or not talk about our choices, but its marks will be there, we are what we and other have done, said or chose.

This books not only have some great characters, the story itself, is so powerfull and real, that you really can suffer and be happy at the same time. It veracity only adds points to a great book.

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