Thursday, April 5, 2012

Doll's Eyes - New Review

Hi guys, it's been a while since my last review. I've been busy with classes and during this week I have my niece at home. She's 4, so I barely have time for myself.
But I finished this book and have to say it's great! I love to read a different genre now and then. And this police-mystery book was amazing!
So here's my review!

Doll's Eyes
Doll's Eyes by David Grace

From Goodreads:
Twenty years ago, thirteen year old JT Trainer was about to be killed by loan sharks for the life insurance money which would pay off his father’s gambling debts. JT’s only friend, sixteen year old Hannah McGuire, discovered the plan and managed to get JT on a bus out of town before luring the killers in the opposite direction.
His face pressed against the bus window, JT’s last fleeting glimpse of Hannah was of her racing off into the night with the gambler’s enforcers hot on her trail.
Now, twenty years later, San Diego Homicide Detective, JT Trainer, is still searching for his vanished friend even as he investigates his latest case, the drive-by shotgun murder of an eleven year old child.
What JT has no way of knowing is that his hunt for the little girl’s killers will become bizarrely entangled with his twenty year search for his long lost friend.


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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Don't judge a book for its cover." Never better told!
This book is an amazing police-mistery-friendship-human story.

Since the start of it, I was dragged into the story of this man, who escape from death with the help of his friend: Hanna. Twenty years later, he's an homicide detective and is still looking for her lost friend. Between a current investigation, we travel back and forward through his life.

The characters are so well described that you can imagine everyone of them as real people. Not only the dialogues are simple and real, but the whole story feels natural, real, like it can happen any time.

After read one or two police novels, sometimes it's hard to get surprised. But not with this book. This one doesn't try to give magic explanation or incredible solutions, you don't have to wait more than a few pages for the action. Since the first page until the last, you can't stop waiting for more.

I loved the book because while you read it, you can picture it as a movie. One of those great police movies, with a main male character strong and charismatic. with a lot of persecution and a great finale.


BTW! I'm thinking that this weekend I'll re-design my blog! So stay tunned for a new blog design.

Happy Reading!

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