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To Wake The Shadows - Review

To Wake The Shadows

“Mary Margaret was almost fifteen when she first heard the whispers…”
It begins on a grey day in suburban New Jersey, the sky weighed down with the promise of rain. A girl is standing on the edge of her porch, watching the world drift past her as if in a dream. Then she hears her name – a quiet call carried on the breeze. She hurries inside, half laughing at herself, sure she’s imagining the voice and the feeling of danger creeping up her spine.
She stops laughing at her fifteenth birthday party when she is attacked by a man made of shadows. Soon, Mary starts to dream of things that haven’t happened yet. The kinds of things she would do anything to prevent.
Her cousin, Andy, contacts Emmeline, a powerful psychic from the South who has made a living destroying the same shadows that are haunting Mary. Together they try to cast the darkness out of Mary's house, while also defending themselves against the violent people the shadows have infected.
But things get complicated when Mary’s boyfriend stumbles into the mess – and as he enters, the lines of battle shift…


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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this book for free from the author to review the book, as part of  "Read to review".

"Are you afraid of the dark?" (I am now)
Since the first page this book immerses us in a world of shadows, terror and people who doesn't know how to deal with it. The tension in the story is always established, and you don't ended up recovering from one scary moment when other appears.
With a couple of main characters that are well described, and with funny dialogues between them, the story moves to fast. We discover more and more thing in ever page.
And unlike other books where the final action occurs in the final 2 or 3 chapters, I think that the final "scene"of the story occupies half a book (a lot of chapters) which is great because the credibility of the story rests in how you explain all that is happening then.

I have to say that Hanna really surprise me with this. It gave me chills while I read it but I really like the book.
The only thing I have to complain is (SPOILERS AHEAD) is that we don't get to know how Emily or Emmeline got free of the shadows. I think that would be a good story to tell.

P.S.:This book counts toward the RCC Challenge

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