I love doing author interviews. 
If you are an author, publisher, tour host or blogger and would like me to host-post an interview just send me an email to:

In case you would like to read the type of interview I usually do, here is a list of my author interviews:

  1. Gwen Perkins author of The Universal Mirror.
  2. Victoria Ferrante author of Hope.
  3. Jeffery Moore author of Jericho Solus.
  4. Ednah Walters author of Betrayed.
  5. C.M. Gray author of Shadowland.
  6. Bryan K. Jonhson author of Yield.
  7. Jennifer Ford author of The Waking Dream.
  8. Elizabeth Guizzetti author of Other Systems.
  9. Dennis Maley author of Runaway!
  10. Ray Mazza author of THE DAY EIGHT SERIES.
  11. Chris Rakunas author of The 8th Doll
  12. Whitney J. LeBlanc author of Blues in the wind - Revisited
  13. Sherri Fulmer Moorer author of Blurry
  14. Heidi Acosta author of Barbie Girl
  15. Kimberly Kinrade author of The Forbidden Trilogy
  16. Skip Hofstrand author of Tears for Nanertak
  17. Alexis Cain author of Ensuing Darkness 
  18. Liesel K. Hill  author of Persistence of Vision
  19. Tina Smith author of The Wolfs Sirens series 
  20. Carole P. Roman author of If you were Me and lived in... Mexico & Stuck in the Duldroms
  21. Y. I. Lee author of A Rat & A Ransom 
  22. Julie Fisher  author of Thy Will Be Done
  23. Jamie Baywood author of Getting Rooted in New Zealand
  24. Amber Skye Forbes author of When Stars Die
  25. Chloe Miles author of The Faded Trilogy
  26. Kenneth D. Watson Jr. author of Devil 13: Book one.
  27. Rainy Kaye author of Summoned 
  28. Christopher Cloud author of  Adelita's Secret.
  29. Majanka Verstraete author of The Soul Thief.
  30. Mariah E. Wilson author of We Walk Alone.
  31. Alisse Lee Goldeberg author of The String of the Violin
  32. K.M. Randall  author of The Reaper's Daughter 
  33. Christopher Cloud  author of The Ghosts of Petroglyph Canyon 
  34. Laekan Zea Kemp author of The Girl in Between series
  35. Claire Fullerton author of 'Dancing to an Irish Reel' and 'A portal in Time'
  36. Abby Rosmarin author of Chick Lit (And Other Formulas for Life)
  37. Kenneth Zak author of The Poet's Secret
  38. Jerry Kaczmarowski author of Sapient
  39. Kaithlin Shepherd author of Make Me Whole

  40. Scott R. Kramer author of False Pretenses
(Click on the names to read the interviews).

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