Friday, May 31, 2019

Review: Smash and Grab @JoeAlba88

TITLE: Smash and Grab
AUTHOR: Joe Albanese
RELEASE DATE: February 28th 2018
PUBLISHER: Books to Go Now
FORMAT: Paperback & Ebook
SOURCE: complimentary copy


Wick was a normal young man, passing his days at a part-time job and wasting his nights with friends and booze. That was until someone smashed a brick to the side of his head and knocked Wick’s life upside down. The culprit, Kenny, a young man in a dire situation, has only one goal: to get the job done, no matter who gets in his way.
On opposite sides, Wick and Kenny, along with their shared circle of friends, low-lifes, drug dealers, an ex-flame, a cop battling his own demons, and each other, will find out just how similar their situations are, and if only one of them can make it out alive. 

Joe Albanese is a writer from South Jersey. His fiction, nonfiction, and poetry can be found in publications across the U.S. and in ten other countries. Joe is the author of Smash and Grab, Caina, Candy Apple Red, For the Blood is the Life, and a poetry collection, Cocktails with a Dead Man.

Smash and Grab is a short, fast to read and interesting story. Well written and with good characters, you will read this one in just a moment. The characters make it easier to read because you want to know what each one would do next. It's a fast-paced story, with a few twists and turns, and surprises in each page.  

There no much to say without spoiling anything, but let me tell you this one is an interesting story, original and worth reading.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Review: Impeccable Petunia: Part 2 @Impeccable_P

TITLE: Impeccable Petunia
SERIES: Part II: The Two Tails
AUTHOR: Katie Christine, Jonathan Edward (Illustrator)
RELEASE DATE: October 1st 2018
FORMAT: paperback & ebook
SOURCE: complimentary copy


As The Two Tails opens, the flock confronts a spiral of death and disappearance. Ensnared by a rapacious raccoon and desperate for a way out, Petunia, the backyard chicken, must throw herself at the mercy of the dark, open road with little more than gumption, a pair of useless wings, and a dubious companion as her guide.
Husband-and-wife team, Jonathan Edward and Katie Christine make their home in Seattle, Washington. They enjoy walking their Sheltie, Niles and awaken every morning with hungry cats, Frankenstein & Penelope, perched on their faces. Katie and Jonathan have a shared love of books, movies, and tending to their ever-growing garden.

Petunia is back with many new characters. This time she will have to go out of her comfort zone to make things right and save her friends. This one is a fast to read story with charming characters and well written. As before the illustrations in the book by Jonathan Edward are lovely and help to imagine the scenes and the characters.

Like the first one, it was a good read with many themes and subjects relevant to all of us. A story where animals could be easily replaced with human characters. I think it's important to say that although it is the second book in the series, you can read it as a standalone.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Review: Impeccable Petunia: Part 1 @Impeccable_P

TITLE: Impeccable Petunia
SERIES: Part I: Claws, Paws, Feathers & Jaws
AUTHOR: Katie Christine, Jonathan Edward (Illustrator)
RELEASE DATE: May 12th 2012 
FORMAT: paperback & ebook
SOURCE: complimentary copy


Follow Petunia, the backyard hen, through a hazardous world as she discovers hidden talents, a mischievous cat named Macy and encounters all things feathered and furious.

Husband-and-wife team, Jonathan Edward and Katie Christine make their home in Seattle, Washington. They enjoy walking their Sheltie, Niles and awaken every morning with hungry cats, Frankenstein & Penelope, perched on their faces. Katie and Jonathan have a shared love of books, movies, and tending to their ever-growing garden.

Petunia is not like the other hens and has a hard time trying to fit in. And to make matters worse she finds herself being friends with a human. Of course, this will bring problems with the other hens and with a mean cat.  

The story is about much more than just gossip chickens, it includes friendship, loneliness, bullying and so much more. In these days is good to read about how being different can be a struggle but you still have to stay true to yourself. The emotions the writer portraits and talks about made me forget I was reading about animals. 

This one is an original and colorful story, with lovely illustrations. A book for all, adults as well as children. Easy to read with simple language and a short length.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Review: Destroyer's Blood @woodheat

TITLE: Destroyer's Blood
SERIES: Blood Series, #1
AUTHOR:  Michael Lynes
RELEASE DATE: November 5th 2018
PUBLISHER: Michael D Lynes
FORMAT: Ebook & audiobook
SOURCE: Complimentary copy


Dev shook his head, spitting out dust and rock chips. The last rays of the setting sun stained the ground crimson. “Betrayer,” he murmured, ears still ringing from the terrific explosion, “we have a problem.”
The cryptic message from Olympus changes everything... One moment Devcalion and Betrayer are free, climbing up Half Dome without a care in the world, the next they are dragged into battle with the Destroyer, Zeus’s ancient foe.
The Dark Power is merciless, and time is running out. It’s up to Dev and Tray to try to stop him, or the world of men and gods is doomed.


Mr Lynes is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys dry red wine and single malt scotch. When not occupied with arcane engineering projects he spends his time playing with his two grandchildren, baking bread, feeding seasoned hardwood into his ancient Timberline woodstove, working on his various cars, bird watching and taking amateur photographs. His current menagerie includes one short-haired turtle shell cat and a pair of actual turtles. 
His first book, There Is A Reaper: Losing a Child to Cancer, was an Indie B.R.A.G. Gold Medallion Honoree in January 2017, a silver-medal winner of the 2016 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards for Memoir, a medalist in the 2015 New Apple Book Awards for Memoir, a winner of the 2015 TISBA (The Indie Spiritual Book Awards), and a finalist in both the Independent Author Network 2015 Book of the Year award and the Beverly Hills Book Awards for 2015.
He published a collection of short stories, The Fat Man Gets Out of Bed in 2016 which won the New Apple Book Award for Best Summer Indie in the Short Story category. The novella It’s In the Blood was released as an independent work and the beginning of the this year as a prequel to his latest fantasy novel, Destroyer’s Blood which was released on November 6th of 2018. Destroyer’s Blood is book one of a planned trilogy – the BLOOD Series
Mr Lynes was awarded a BSEE degree in Electrical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and currently works as an embedded software engineer. He has a consuming interest in the science of emotion as promulgated by Dr. Paul Ekman and has made a comprehensive study of his Face and Emotion courses. 
Mr Lynes has four sons, has been married for over thirty years and currently lives with his wife and youngest son in the beautiful secluded hills of Sussex County, NJ.

This is a fantasy story about a young Greek demi-god, Devcalion, who is the illegitimate son of Prometheus and has a special relationship with his sword. It all stars quite normal but then a series of discoveries and choices will put him on the spotlight.

A well-written book, full of action and with high doses of Greek mythology, this one is a solid story.
My problem is that I'm having a hard time enjoying fantasy books, despite how good they are written. However, I think that fantasy lovers and those who are into Greek gods and goddesses will enjoy this one.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Review: Once Upon A [Fallen] Time @samauthorcanada

TITLE:  Once Upon A [Fallen] Time 
SERIES: Stolen Series II
AUTHOR: Samreen Ahsan
RELEASE DATE: May 21st, 2019
SOURCE: complimentary copy


All her life, Myra Farrow has been obsessed with medieval castle-and the kings and princes who once inhabited them. When Steve Bernard, a wealthy videogame designer offers her to model for a princess character in his new game, Myra can't resist his offer to enter the mysterious, colourless, and cursed Hue Castle. But unknown to Myra, her soul is bound to it by blood and sorcery. When she enters the castle's doors, she awakens dark powers, time travelling through a cursed mirror, torturing her present, and rewriting her future, leaving Steve Bernard with millions of questions.
Edward Hue, the last of the Hue royal bloodline, has never stood in the sunshine, nor felt the rain, or held a living flower. Cursed from birth to live in darkness and bring death to all he touches, he is at the mercy of his cruel, tyrannical father King Stefan, who will not rest until he shatters Edward's soul and makes his son into a diabolical copy of himself. Edward's one hope is the mysterious woman, who walks into his life through a cursed mirror, out of his dreams, and introduces him: love.
Will Myra break Edward's curse and bring him out of the darkness, or destroy him utterly? Will Steve ever be able to finish his game without Myra? Past and future collide in a tale of love, obsession, betrayal, and the hope for redemption.


Myra has been obsessed with fairy tales and medieval times, and by some strange curse, her life is tied to the past. And by the end of book one in the series, she is finally in the place she always dream off. Now, after Myra traveled to the past her fiancé is having a hard time explaining what happened to her and figuring out how to bring her back. Present and past dance around broken souls and love.

Myra has always been in love with Edward, even before knowing him and now has to help him save himself. But, she is engaged with Steve who has a hard time accepting that maybe she is not the one for him. And to add more, Edward's father has dark motives behind his actions. Intrigue, twists and turns, ulterior motives, surprises, and unexpected outcomes, makes this one a really good book.

The author creates a world that trespasses the pages and becomes real. It catches the reader and doesn't let go. The story has a dark tone, and you can feel sort of an aura of anguish and sadness around it. The emotions and feelings are palpable and more than words.

I really enjoyed the book and I hope there is another one in the future.

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