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Review: Starfall @rmandersonbooks

TITLE: Starfall
SERIES: The Starfall Chronicles Book One
AUTHOR: R.M. Anderson
RELEASE DATE: July 10th 2018 
PUBLISHER: Independently Published
FORMAT: Paperback & Ebook
SOURCE: complimentary copy


Radianne Timblebrooke has grown bored with life as she knows it and aches for something more: Adventure, a path of her own, and... maybe... even true love?
On one fateful evening, a blinding light falls into her world and changes it all, bringing the adventure she longed for and much more.
In a race against time to the stars, Radianne discovers beauty, love, strength, and a force that threatens to cover her world in shadows. Little does she know that adventure comes at a cost... a cost that will bring her to the brink of losing everything.

R.M. Anderson grew up in Illinois with a love for reading, writing, fantasy and imagining worlds populated by talking animals and magical creatures.

After graduating from Northern Illinois University, she worked for two years as an English teacher in Taiwan. She considers those few years to be dear and transformative chapters in her own life story.

Her faith is an important part of who she is, and is often an inspiration in her writing.

She currently lives in a renovated 1800s farmhouse in northern Illinois with her husband, their daughter, and their dog.


A star has fallen from the sky and Radianne will go on a quest to find a way to send him back home. It will be a journey full of colorful and different creatures, with obstacles and important lessons. ¨Starfall¨ is an easy to read and light fantasy perfect for young readers and adults alike.

Radianne always dreamt with big adventures and seeing the world, and when Blinks falls right in front of her it feels like a dream come true. Blink needs to go home as soon as possible and the best choice is travel to a faraway land and to ask the Queen for a favor. On their way, they will meet other wanderers and peculiar creatures.

This one is a super clean, innocent and entertaining fantasy. The writing style is good and it's easy to read more than one chapter in one sit. There are action and romance but all in a measure to make it acceptable for all ages.

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