Monday, December 17, 2018

Review: Eve of Eridu @Alanah_Writes

TITLE: Eve of Eridu
AUTHOR: Alanah Andrews
RELEASE DATE: 13 August 2018
PUBLISHER: Michael Terence Publishing
FORMAT: Paperback & ebook 
SOURCE: complimentary copy


In a world where emotions are forbidden, what happens when you start to feel?
The harvest separates the worthy from the unworthy. Those who pass are destined to continue the human race, and the unworthy are culled.
For years, Eve has been the poster girl for emotional control. But ever since her brother was culled, Eve is finding it difficult to keep the monitor on her wrist an acceptable blue.
The next harvest ceremony is approaching and Eve will do whatever it takes to avoid the same fate as her brother.
Gripping and intriguing, Eve of Eridu explores the lengths that humans will go to in their quest for survival.

Alanah is an English teacher in Australia. She writes because her imagination overflows onto paper.


Emotions have been blamed of all the human disasters, diseases and tragic ends, so in a future world, emotions have been forbidden. Since birth people are taught to suppress their feelings and emotions. Control is the key and Eve has been really good at it but an unexpected turn of events makes her feel... yes, feel all kind of emotions.

Eve has been working all her life to be the best and to be on the top positions for the harvest, but suddenly all of her works seems useless and little by little the life she had planned slips through her fingers. She is a really good character, her struggle is real and you feel sympathy for her situation. The addition of a male character to help her during her journey was expectable and also a good choice. Of course, there is romance but is sweet, natural and it doesn't take the aim of other parts of the book. 

I liked how the story goes unraveling the secrets and truths behind this world the survivors created. The information comes at a pace that it's easy to follow without feeling overwhelmed. The plot is solid and every detail has been taking care off. The author has a really good writing style.

I enjoyed every chapter of it and is a really good book. I really like the outcome and was satisfied by the end.

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