Monday, November 6, 2017

Review: Fall Out

TITLE: Fall Out
AUTHOR: Lizzy Mumfrey
RELEASE DATE:  April 13th 2017
PUBLISHER:  I_AM Self-Publishing
FORMAT: Paperback & ebook
SOURCE: complimentary copy

Fall Out is a novel about an archetypal commuter village, home to a colourful range of residents many of whose teenagers go to the local Academy. An ordinary day becomes extraordinary when a school trip to London coincides with a terrorist attack. The fallout affects residents in diverse ways. Who lives and who dies is just the start as irrational suspicions and prejudice lead to unreasonable blame. Friendships are fractured and buried secrets are revealed.

I am a Maid of Kent, born and brought up on a farm with my three older sisters in a quintessentially English community. An idyllic and cloistered childhood. 
On leaving school I briefly went to Bristol University (I was asked to leave) and flew to London and had an irresponsible time doing all sorts of unsuitable and impetuous things. This included getting married and moving to the South West which proved to be rather rash. It didn’t last but I was blessed with my two fabulous, funny and brilliant girls so no regrets.
I worked stoically and extremely long hours for years in IT, clawing my way up the career ladder for financial advantage and to give my girls the best childhood that I could.
Meeting and marrying my beloved Bob changed my life and I became a full time farmer’s wife (full circle?). I indulged myself in charity fundraising and creating a life skills course for children with special needs. Bob and I had the made idea of crossing the Atlantic in a yacht – which we did – and then spent many happy years cruising around the Caribbean where I wrote a blog which got me writing again.
They say that everyone has a novel in them – I hope in my case more than one – and encouraged by my family I put pen to paper… and hence my debut novel, Fall Out. It has been a fantastic experience so the next one is being brewed


Fall Out is a story that feels more real than fiction. In our modern times, when terrorist attacks more frequently than we would like reading a book about a small village shaken by a bomb explosion in London feels like watching the news. We all know that an attack anywhere in the world affects us all, no matter where we live or who we are world terrorism affect us all. And this book focuses on that, it's about how people react and act after a tragedy.

In the center of the story, we have a trio of mothers with the regular worries any mother could have. The local school prepares a visit to London in the middle of a high alert and then what Nobody could imagine happening but knew was possible, well it happens. Their lives get shattered, friendships are broken, families get apart and secrets are discovered.

The story is really solid, not only does it have a believable and real background, but also the writing is excellent. The characters are well built and the author explores their humanity and emotions with great quality.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It is easy to continue reading page after page and despite the reality of the scenario, I could enjoy the fiction. I totally recommend it.

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