Monday, November 27, 2017

Review: The Conjurers

TITLE: The Conjurers
AUTHOR: David Waid
RELEASE DATE: June 1st 2016 
PUBLISHER: Deadlock Publishing
FORMAT: Paperback & ebook
SOURCE: complimentary copy


Orphaned in the year 1380, Eamon and Caitlin flee their home in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland. The siblings can pacify savage wolves and control forces of nature, but only the murderers hunting them know why.
As Eamon and Caitlin fight for survival, Teresa de Borjas, the spirited daughter of a Genovese nobleman, develops an inexplicable ability to move objects with her mind. When her brother is murdered and her father imprisoned through machinations of the reclusive alchemist, Maestro Lodovicetti, her sheltered life changes forever.
Journeys of discovery and the pursuit of blood vendetta bring Eamon, Caitlin and Teresa together across the stunning backdrop of medieval Europe. The three must master their powers and defeat a cabal of the world’s greatest magi or be killed as the Age of Kings comes to an end and a tyranny of sorcerers begins.
Order The Conjurers now and find yourself swept away in a lush, yet gritty fantasy of witches and wizards. 

David Waid lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife of 22 years and three children. Though he was raised a cat person, he now cohabitates with a dog--an utterly craven, food-obsessed puggle whose name means "Battle Lord" in Gaelic.

He writes fantasy and historical fantasy fiction. Recent releases are the short stories, "Festival of Rogues" and "Wicked and Loving Lies." His soon-to-be-released debut novel, "The Conjurers" is an epic fantasy adventure set in 14th Century Europe.


The Conjurers has it all to be a great fantasy book. It has the plot, the characters, the magic, the suspense and sub-plots occurring at the same time but for me, the book lost me somewhere half way and it felt too long and I ended up skimming the last pages.

Don't get me wrong I think readers who like fantasy will enjoy it. It has this dark element which adds to the story. At the begging, it jumps between characters (or two stories) to show us where each one is standing. The book is also divided into two parts and that was a good choice. The story left some doors open assuming a next book is on the way.

I would have liked to enjoy it a bit more because it does have a good writing style, the background is solid and you can feel the author did a careful job planning the story but unfortunately, it didn't work for me.

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