Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Review: Intimacy on the Plate

TITLE: Intimacy on the Plate
AUTHOR: Olga Petrenko
RELEASE DATE: August 18th 2017
PUBLISHER: Identity Publications
FORMAT: Paperback & ebook

Intimacy On The Plate: Extra Trim Edition contains the same 200+ elegant, erotic recipes as the original, but has been reformatted for a smaller size and lower price. Snack on the convenience of the new smaller trim size, or indulge in the colorful, picturesque body of the original coffee table book.
Every couple knows that the key to a harmonious home is a healthy love life, but keeping your time in bed spicy isn’t enough – you need to turn to the kitchen and amp up the flavor.
Olga Petrenko is a housewife who dedicated years of her life to crafting original dishes that combine tradition with innovation, creating new tastes that everyone can enjoy. In the process, she discovered something new: by applying scientific research to her recipes and by using the correct ingredients, all meals had the potential to be the perfect aphrodisiac. After a decade of hard work and experimentation, she finally had an extensive collection of recipes designed to make every bite erotic - Intimacy On The Plate: 200+ Aphrodisiac Recipes to Spice Up Your Love Life at Home Tonight
Every dish in this erotic cookbook pays as much attention to presentation as to flavor and science. If you want to create the right mood for your loved one, you need to feed the eyes before you feed the stomach. Olga has worked hard to make every sensual meal beautiful and visually appetizing so that you and your partner will feel the food love before you even sit down to eat.
Within these pages, you’ll find 200+ healthy, easy-to-cook recipes known around the world to contribute to sexual desire. Using a wide range of ingredients, including dozens of types of vegetables, mushrooms, fish, seafood, fruits, nuts, herbs, and spices, you and your partner will experience the full range of erotic properties the world of food has to offer. You’ll never run out of new and exciting places to take your meals. From appetizers to main courses, to side dishes, beverages, and desserts, you’ll always have something scintillating to offer up on date night.
Intimacy On The Plate contents ordered by main ingredient:
Section I: Vegetables, Mushrooms, Potherbs, & Seasonings
Section II: Fish
Section III: Seafood
Section IV: Nuts
Section V: Fruits
Section VI: Chocolate
Section VII: Love Potions, Hot Drinks, and Spicy Teas

Olga Petrenko grew up in Ukraine, where she learned to appreciate traditional Eastern European hospitality and homemaking. As an adult, she studied the chemistry of foods, both local and foreign, for their unique effects on the human body and mind. Combining her food science studies with her love for helping others achieve greater intimacy, she poured the next 10 years of her life into creating the recipes contained in her first book, Intimacy On The Plate. She enjoys a fantastic love life with her husband of 35 years, and maintains a diverse herbal garden at home.


As the title says this book presents 209 recipes to spice your love life, but this one is not a simple cookbook. The book presents the recipes according to groups (Vegetables, Fish, Seafood, Nuts, Fruits, Chocolate and Love Potions, Hot Drinks, and Spicy Teas). Before presenting the recipes the author explains why the group is an aphrodisiac and presents different examples of said group (for example in the Seafood section she introduces shrimps, squid, etc.) giving the book an educational tone. I liked that is not just: "try this recipe and you will have better sex".

Besides being divided into groups the book has all kind of recipes, you have salads, desserts, beverages, cold and hot dishes. Also, most recipes are really easy to do. Some of them included exotic ingredients, I know, but you cannot use the excuse of being too hard. The author wrote simple and detailed recipes that anyone of us can manage to do.

I really enjoyed the book, not only because it's about food and how to spice sex but also because I learned about so many characteristics and properties of certain food.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Review: The Conjurers

TITLE: The Conjurers
AUTHOR: David Waid
RELEASE DATE: June 1st 2016 
PUBLISHER: Deadlock Publishing
FORMAT: Paperback & ebook
SOURCE: complimentary copy


Orphaned in the year 1380, Eamon and Caitlin flee their home in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland. The siblings can pacify savage wolves and control forces of nature, but only the murderers hunting them know why.
As Eamon and Caitlin fight for survival, Teresa de Borjas, the spirited daughter of a Genovese nobleman, develops an inexplicable ability to move objects with her mind. When her brother is murdered and her father imprisoned through machinations of the reclusive alchemist, Maestro Lodovicetti, her sheltered life changes forever.
Journeys of discovery and the pursuit of blood vendetta bring Eamon, Caitlin and Teresa together across the stunning backdrop of medieval Europe. The three must master their powers and defeat a cabal of the world’s greatest magi or be killed as the Age of Kings comes to an end and a tyranny of sorcerers begins.
Order The Conjurers now and find yourself swept away in a lush, yet gritty fantasy of witches and wizards. 

David Waid lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife of 22 years and three children. Though he was raised a cat person, he now cohabitates with a dog--an utterly craven, food-obsessed puggle whose name means "Battle Lord" in Gaelic.

He writes fantasy and historical fantasy fiction. Recent releases are the short stories, "Festival of Rogues" and "Wicked and Loving Lies." His soon-to-be-released debut novel, "The Conjurers" is an epic fantasy adventure set in 14th Century Europe.


The Conjurers has it all to be a great fantasy book. It has the plot, the characters, the magic, the suspense and sub-plots occurring at the same time but for me, the book lost me somewhere half way and it felt too long and I ended up skimming the last pages.

Don't get me wrong I think readers who like fantasy will enjoy it. It has this dark element which adds to the story. At the begging, it jumps between characters (or two stories) to show us where each one is standing. The book is also divided into two parts and that was a good choice. The story left some doors open assuming a next book is on the way.

I would have liked to enjoy it a bit more because it does have a good writing style, the background is solid and you can feel the author did a careful job planning the story but unfortunately, it didn't work for me.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Review: Heroes and Villains

TITLE: Heroes and Villains: Pawn in the Game
RELEASE DATE: December 28th, 2015
SOURCE: complimentary copy


Aurora Grimaldi’s life has been about fighting for justice under the ruthless regime of Shadow kingdoms. In a twist of fate, she uncovers a secret organization run by creatures of magic- the Imperium. The Imperium is in a crisis. Something has been stolen from them and they will stop at nothing to get it back. The more Aurora gets involved, the deeper she is pulled into a web of lies and deceit. And it doesn’t help when the Shadow kingdoms start interfering. With the thief lurking in the shadows, Aurora struggles to find her place in everything that is going on and her choices may just have far more dangerous consequences than she could have imagined.

Tara lives in the lovely city of Toronto. An engineer during the day, she moonlights as a writer. Her favourite genres are romance, mystery and fantasy. She has been writing since she was 7 and her first story was about a spaceship (BIG Star Trek fan here). 

When not working or writing, she catches up on her favourite shows on Netflix and spends time with family and friends. 


Heroes and Villains is a fantasy story with a beautiful cover. It's about this girl Aurora (who ALWAYSSSS wears her red coat) and the Shadow kingdoms and a secret organization.

One of the things, why I didn't love the book, was that for moments I felt like there was too much going on. I didn't like the constant time jumps, I get that it was useful to see what had happened in the past and how it was related to the present but still it was a bit distracting.

The book has a lot of suspense and action and people trying to kill other people. The fantasy element is quite strong a there is a lot of magic.

I cannot say either that I loved it or hated it, it just wasn't my cup of tea. I enjoyed pieces of it and I think that if you like fantasy you can try it.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Review: One Bad Day @EdieHart_

TITLE: One Bad Day
SERIES: One Day #1
AUTHOR: Edi Hart
RELEASE DATE: December 2016
PUBLISHER: Tulip Publishing
SOURCE: complimentary copy


When Tessa agreed to do a favor for her boss, she never thought she’d end up being a mistaken target for a hired killer or falling for the sexy cop who is determined to keep her safe.

This is the first time something like this happens to me but the publisher has shut down and now the book is no longer available  :(

Edie Hart was born in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, where she now resides with her husband, two children, dog, and three cats. After spending her childhood making up stories in her head, she finally decided to put them on paper. What came of it was her first novella, One Bad Day. Edie is a die-hard romantic and believes that everyone deserves to be loved unconditionally—both in print and real life.


One Bad Day is short romance with an erotic touch. In just 60 or so pages the author tells a story about a woman who has the worst day in her life and meets a sexy and strong cop who will protect her and save her life.

The story is too short to say much so I will only say that it is entertaining and it has all the romance elements it needs to be a good story. 

Tessa is the typical heroine and Gray is everything you need in her male counterpart. There is tension, and some sexy scenes. 

If you like romance and want something good and fast to read this one is a good choice.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Review: Yetunde: An Ode to My Mother @iyayetunde1

TITLE: Yetunde: An Ode to My Mother
AUTHOR: Segilola Salami
RELEASE DATE: March 6th 2016
PUBLISHER: Segilola Publishing
FORMAT: Paperback & ebook
SOURCE: complimentary copy


Death is wicked . . . 
Follow Yetunde as she narrates her mother's ode to her grandmother. It is the Yoruba praise poetry for a mother known as Oriki Iya 
This is a short story dedicated to past, present and future mothers. 
The book is mostly in English and any Yoruba words are translated, so everyone can enjoy the book fully.

From the dawn of time itself African folktales have been passed from generation to generation – in a way that’s almost as timeless as the stories that have survived through the same centuries.
Where once the village fire was the lynchpin to the fables spoken around it and from adult to child, author Segilola Salami now uses the written word to do the same – with first novel Yetunde: The Life and Times of a Yoruba girl in London.
With the rise of digital media in this most technological of ages, Segilola goes against the grain and vanguards traditional storytelling through Yetunde. In the same way that African folktales have helped prepare young people for their life ahead, so does the novel by the way of life as seen through the eyes of 6 month old Yetunde.
Nigerian born and London bred author Segilola Salami intrinsically knows the heartfelt stories woven through her eagerly awaited novel. With an undeniable heritage and unwavering passion to pass on the tales, she began compiling African stories to tell to her own then new born daughter.
With interest mounting from Nollywood investors, all talks are still open and enquiries still welcome for those wishing to turn the book into a 3D animation.
Even in these heady times of increasing success Segilola stays true to both her roots and passion of writing. She is available to hold book reading events and give creative writing workshops to those budding writers that wish to follow in her footsteps. Similarly she is now available to take speaking engagements and write custom pieces for enquiring publications.
Since releasing her first book Yetunde: The Life and Times of a Yoruba Girl in London in 2015, Segilola Salami now has a number of other books under her belt and is the host of her own podcast show called The Segilola Salami Show. The show is a round table discussion where she has a number of other self published authors discuss the business of self publishing and review a self published book. If you would like to be a guest on the show or be in the audience, then please contact her now. Segilola Salami is also a self publishing strategist and provides one to one support to aspiring authors to self publish their own books and make a success of it. Over a number of weeks, she helps aspiring authors navigate the minefield that is self publishing to enable them publish their own book successfully.
Segilola Salami’s books are published by her imprint Segilola Publishing.


It all starts with the world seen from the POV of a nine-old-months baby. And through this baby, we discovered how much she loves her mother. We learn with her about her heritage and the language her ancestors used. In this fantastical world, the baby learns about the world and process it in a beautiful way. 

The author uses the book not only to honor and praise all mothers but also bring backs her African roots, and for a person who comes from a great-grandma brought as a slave from Africa, this book touches my heart.

This book is the proof that you don't need 500 pages to create emotions or make your reader feel something. In less than 30 pages your heart will be touched.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Review: The Eden Conspiracy @AuthorCAGray

TITLE: The Eden Conspiracy
SERIES: The Liberty Box #2
RELEASE DATE: June 23rd 2016
PUBLISHER: Wanderlust Publishing
FORMAT: Paperback & Ebook
SOURCE: complimentary copy


The refugee caves have been destroyed, and most of the refugees are dead. The Potentate now knows of their existence and will stop at nothing to wipe them out completely. He suspects that terrorist Jackson MacNamera is among them, as well as reporter Kate Brandeis's fiancE, hacker Will Anderson--and probably therefore Kate herself. Now that the Potentate is aware of security threats, most of the strategies the rebels used to get back onto the grid before now no longer work. The Potentate knows the rebels are on foot, and he knows they were at the caves not long ago--they can't get far.
The remaining rebels, among them Jackson and Kate, have Kate's fiancE Will to thank for their survival: he arrived back from the dead and in the nick of time, bearing classified information about the Potentate's plans to expand his influence internationally. But the remaining rebels and the Council cannot agree on whether their top priority should be spreading truth far and wide and freeing as many citizens from government control as possible, knowing that they will likely die in the process--or escaping to New Estonia, in hopes that they might live out the rest of their days in peace.
Kate, meanwhile, finds herself torn: between Jackson and the fiancE she thought she lost, and between the damsel-in-distress she once was, and the rebel she believes she has always been underneath. Whether the other hunters will support her or no, she knows she must use her influence over the people of the Republic to tell them the truth, no matter the cost. But is she strong enough to withstand the government's lies?

C.A. Gray is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD), with a primary care practice in Tucson, Arizona. She has always been captivated by the power of a good story, fictional or otherwise, which is probably why she loves holistic medicine: a patient’s physical health is invariably intertwined with his or her life story, and she believes that the one can only be understood in context with the other.

Her favorite fictional tales have always been epic battles of good versus evil, with a strong tendency towards parable. An idealist herself, she has always been convinced that these stories have something deeply true to tell us about the human condition, and that is why we love them so much… or at least that’s why she does.
She still wants to be everything when she grows up. She moonlights as a college chemistry teacher (she has a degree in biochemistry, with minors in Spanish and Creative Writing), does theater when she gets the chance, sings, plays piano, was once a personal trainer and in coffee shop management. She is blessed with exceptionally supportive family and friends, and thanks God for them every single day!


The Eden Conspiracy picks up where we left. At first, I didn't remember much about book one but once I started reading it all came back to me, the government deception and how they control mind waves and the dystopic and horrific world. It's easy to imagine a world like that and also quite scary because when you think about it idea behind the story, it doesn't sound so crazy.

Now that Kate knows that Will is not dead, she is torn between the love she once felt for Will and how she feels for Jackson. Her former self and who she truly thinks she is are in constant conflict. And on top of that rebels have to decide how to continue their fight. Freedom is the ultimate goal but how to reach it without dying in the process? and when the evil guy is the ruler of a nation and the people is under a complex brainwash process, it's hard to try to awake everyone.

The book is really well written, the rhythm is perfect and the action is non-stop. You have tension, suspense, drama, love and all the emotions involve when you are fighting for freedom. I like the changing of POV in order to get deeper into the story and know what each character is thinking.

And after the ending... I CANNOT wait to read book three.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Review: Weekend Immune System @HollyTierney

TITLE: Weekend Immune System 
AUTHOR: Holly Tierney-Bedford
RELEASE DATE: March 30th, 2016
SOURCE: complimentary copy


Remember those awesome Choose Your Own Ending books from childhood? Weekend Immune System is like that, but for adults. It's the story of Juniper, a woman in her early twenties. Over the course of a three day weekend, You'll make decisions to steer her life in dozens of different paths. Some paths are happy. Some are devastating. Choose wisely. Juniper's life depends on it.

Holly Tierney-Bedord writes contemporary fiction. She is the author of Surviving Valencia, Right Under Your Nose, Bellamy's Redemption, and Coached, as well as children's books. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin.


Juniper is a twentyish woman in the middle of life-changing events. A new house and maybe more will define the rest of her life. When her sister comes to "help" a series of opportunities appear before her. 

Weekend Immune System is a "choose the next chapter" book, so every time you reach the end you have to choose how the story goes. I used to love this kind of books as a kid but I don't know how I feel about them now, especially with romances. 

Juniper is never the same and maybe that's why I have problems with her. She lacks some consistency and seemed a different character in each outcome.  I know humans adapt and act differently according to what's in front of them but our essence doesn't change that much and we have a personality that stays firm no matter the scenario and she was missing some of that.

In general, the story is ok and most of the endings are believable, I liked that the author offered all kind of endings some good, some happy and some really bad for Juniper. Overall, the choices make sense and it's a good book to pass the time.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Review: Offshore

TITLE: Offshore
AUTHOR: Andrea Jones
RELEASE DATE: April 24th 2017
PUBLISHER: Andrea Jones
FORMAT: Paperback & ebook
SOURCE: complimentary copy


Kate Maddison 'Leaned In' and now she's Burned Out. Lost and disillusioned, she volunteers in a Channel Island detention centre and meets Abra, a displaced Syrian detained after he's caught trying to enter the UK in the post-Brexit age.
Two damaged souls meet and mend – or at least begin to. Because the secretive offshore camp they find themselves in isn’t what it appears to be. 
But that's fine.  Neither is Abra. Or even Kate herself...

I don't know what I was expecting when I started reading Offshore but I'm glad to say I was surprised for good. This story mix reality and fiction in a way where lines are blurry because some things feel too real.

Kate wants a fresh start as a volunteer in this island that host displaced people. In a world where refugees and people running from home are everyday news, it's easy to imagine this scenario. Litlle by little we see how she and one particular displaced Syrian start a no so professional relationship. And it all goes to hell when she founds out that the center is not what she imagined. 

The story is really solid and strong. It includes all kind of emotions and feelings. The characters are human and complex. Both Kate and Abra have layers that we unravel step by step. I really liked that the turbulent and tense relationship between them and how they have to learn who each other is once they meet in a different place.

The book can be labeled as a thriller, suspense or even dark romance. For me, it's a story that despite its darkness and the political tone you might think it has, it's just a really good book. It's one of those books you cannot put down because it has it all: a good plot, great writing, excellent characters and even better villains, fast passing and a believable outcome.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Review: Luminosity @DTDyllin

TITLE: Luminosity
SERIES: Starblind #4
AUTHOR: D.T. Dyllin
RELEASE DATE: October 3rd, 2017
PUBLISHER: Tik Tok Press
FORMAT: Paperback & ebook
SOURCE: complimentary copy


With war on the horizon, Nina Aralias, a Denard, finds herself at odds with her people, and adrift in the unstable political climate. 
Out for revenge, Nina is shoved into the path of a man from her past, and forced to face the mistakes of her youth. Will she choose love and the possibility of a real future, or revenge and the certainty of death? Of course, that’s if the Universe doesn’t collapse around her first … 

D.T. Dyllin is a bestselling author who writes paranormal, sci-fi, and contemporary romance. Basically, anything with a love story is her kryptonite. Her obsession with affairs-of-the-heart is what first drove her to begin twisting her own tales of scorching romance. 

D.T. was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Black & Gold for life, baby!) She now lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband, and two spoiled German Shepherds.


After three books we finally reach the end, didn't we? Now, it's time for Nina's story. We have seen her briefly in the previous books and now we get to see how important her role is. We get to discover the evil plans and who is working with who.

Nina is an interesting and volatile character. As we have been seen during the series, the past comes to meet her. The only man she ever truly loved comes with a bag full of surprises. Paranormal elements get mixed in the middle to create a chaotic and sexy story. 

In this book, we have all the characters together and we want to see them have their happy endings, but if you know D.T. Dyllin you know what to expect. Anyway, the book is another great addition and it as good as any other in the series. 

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