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Review: Graveyards of the Banks @NylaNox

TITLE: Graveyards of the Banks
SERIES: Graveyards of the Banks #1: I did it for the Money
AUTHOR: Nyla Nox
RELEASE DATE: March 6th 2015
PUBLISHER: Athens Publishers
SOURCE: complimentary copy

How does it feel when you spend night after night in an iron chair with no toilet breaks and fear of being fired at the end of your shift? Hundreds of bankers roam the notorious Seventh Floor of the Bank with its filthy kitchen and flea infested carpets, forced to fight each other for survival, deliberately kept in a state of anger and frustration by their superiors who are grooming them for ruthless leadership (and the big money). Their shouting resembles constant gunfire. Predators to a man, and Nyla is their prey. But almost all of them will fail. How do you live, how do you love? Can confident Peter, who kisses Nyla in Cobblemaker’s Lane, fulfill his dreams of leaving for a Better World? How far will shift leaders Claire and Ethan, who rule the graveyard with absolute power (no breaks, no backtalk - in fact, no talking at all - and only one ear phone in!) go to prove their supremacy? And what about the inscrutable bank-wide institution of S&I whose representative survey the Center on their elevated platform, forcing Nyla nightly to recite her mistakes in public before she is sent home without pay?
After a life time frittered away in the unprofitable humanities, Nyla needs the money. And as hope and dignity are stripped away, night after gruelling night, a mental fog descends on her. Is there even a world left outside the Most Successful Bank in the Universe?
And how can you find sleep in the day time while the Monsters are Arising? 

Nyla Nox leads an exciting double life.
She writes novels and articles about the secret lives inside the Big Banks in the City of London, the dark heart of capitalism.
Her trilogy 'Graveyards of the Banks' is based on Nyla's personal experience of seven years of working on the night shift inside the Most Successful Banks in the Universe, a hell of broken dreams where jobless humanities graduates work zero hours contracts next to the best paid bankers on earth. But Nyla knows all their secrets...

"Graveyards of the banks' is an intelligent story with a loud message against the foundations of the system we live in. However, somewhere along the story I got lost and couldn't enjoy the book as much as I would have liked.

Let me summary the story. Nina is an anthropologist who is forced to work the night shift in a cold and strange place. She will suffer the consequences of working at night when the rest of the world is sleeping, in a place where human interactions are ruled by the positions each one has in the power rank. While working with heartless people in the Most Succesful Bank in the world she will learn the power a few have over the real world. There are rules to follow, little time to rest or think and a graveyard is part of the setting.

Let's start with the good. The book talks about some important topics, such as the capitalist system and how it forces young people to work at jobs they don't enjoy only to pay bills or have any money. I enjoyed its criticism and believe it's important to hear what Nyla has to say.

Now, the writing was the main reason I couldn't enjoy the book. It sounded like reading a newspaper or a magazine, what I mean is that chapters didn't sound the way I like it. It felt as cold as the offices of the Bank.

I did like the main character. Nyla has a rich interior world, and her inner conversations are quite entertaining.

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