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Being Lovers @rcarrington2004

TITLE: Being Lovers
SERIES: Discovering Emily #2
AUTHOR: Rachel Carrington
RELEASE DATE: December 18th 2015
PUBLISHER: Rachel Carrington
SOURCE: complimentary copy in exchange of an honest review

Escaping my past has become a full-time job for me. Ever since my boyfriend died, I’ve been running from something—his father, a hired hitman, the truth. If I didn’t have Adam, I don’t think I would have survived. He’s become my lifeline.
It only took us weeks to fall in love. Yes, it was quick, but love doesn’t tell time. At first, it might have been two desperate people coming together, but now, I know it’s real. I wish I could say we’ve lived happily ever after since. But there’s a price on my head.
Protecting me from a sniper has become Adam’s sole purpose in life, and I hate that our relationship is surrounded by guns, blood, death, and lies. Add betrayal to the mix, and I begin to wonder if what we’ve found, this unique bond we share, will last.One thing is certain. Someone is trying to kill me, and losing Adam will do just that.
I spent seventeen years working as a paralegal before I left work to focus on my writing career. Working in the legal field gave me plenty of fodder for writing suspense which I didn't really do until 2006.

For the first part of my writing career, I focused on fantasy and paranormal romances, mostly wizards. I still love my wizards, and every now and then I get a desire to bring one to life again, but in 2006, romantic suspense caught my attention. And that's where I'm happy right now, although I have branched out into a couple of other genres.

If you've read my book Burning Reflections, you'll know I go for the seriously creepy villains, much like one you might see on Criminal Minds if you watch that show. (I'm addicted!) 

My love for writing suspense is fueled by my love for crime dramas on television, and I'm so thankful I stepped into the 21st century and finally got a DVR. Otherwise, my writing might suffer! :-)

Emily has been running from her past and now is being threatened by a mysterious sniper. Adam will do everything he can to protect her and find out who is trying to kill her.

The book jumps right into the action and from then on is a non-stop ride. There are shootings, dead and lots of blood. There is also some romance as we see how Adam and Emily are still getting to know each other.

Emily is a nice character. For what we can tell, she was in an abusive relationship and got to escape and now her ex is dead. There is a lot of mystery because his ex and his father were shady people. There are secrets to be revealed and suspense is always there. I loved the final chapters because the adrenaline got to a point where is was like watching a movie and the energy made the book even better.

I have to say that despite being book two I had no issue following the story. So if you haven't read the first book (like me) you can read this story and enjoying it. There will be minor issues where you will feel at lost. But once some events are explained vaguely you can understand why everything is happening.

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