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Promo & Guest post: Confessions of a Geriatric Prom Queen

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Today I welcome the author Lila Lee Silvern and her book: "A Book Reading in the Home of a Friend"

About Confessions of a Geriatric Prom Queen
This book explores what seems to be the last taboo in movies and TV. sensuality after sixty, The author describes her "coming of old age" adventures in a hilarious book of stories about dates on a clothing optional beach with a retired Royal Grenadier to a movie shoot with an amateur director, to a real romance with a late-in-life true love. She hopes to inspire the older crowd to drop some of their inhibitions and get more enjoyment out of life after sixty and also give younger readers something to look forward to in the future.
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A Book Reading
Generally, I have not taken my book seriously as a work of great significance or something more than a “slim volume” that makes a good gift for an elderly woman undergoing chemo therapy or taking a plane trip. That was until I did a “Meet the Author” reading in the home of a friend in Pasadena. She had invited two of her book clubs made up of mostly retired elementary school teachers.
The late afternoon wine and cheese table spread was lavish. I was hoping that the home baked cakes and exotic cheeses and variety of wines would sweeten and loosen the rather prim looking assemblage. Even the hostess voiced a concern about the possibility of a few of the more elderly women being offended by the raciness of the stories.
I decided not to read about nude swimming in the Yuba River and replaced it with a story about two school teachers meeting “Two Gentlemen from Bagdad” at a Teachers’ Convention.
There was laughter, but it was subdued like Pasadena environs. There were few chuckles and a sprinkling of smiling faces.
When I finished with the play which usually gets great applause but didn’t that afternoon, a friend took the cue as rehearsed and asked to buy one of the books stacked next to me. I pulled forth a pen and began signing. Guests refilled their plates, found their purses and came forth to buy a book and tell me how much they enjoyed the stories I read.
What really thrilled me was the little white haired woman in a heavy sweater who came up to me later and whispered, “You are an inspiration.” I didn’t ask for what? I just observed a bright sparkle in her eyes.
Another woman asked hopefully for suggestions on how to meet men. The feeling of the afternoon was one of enjoyment and hopefulness not often found in books about older men and women.

Lila Lee Silvern is a retired educator who directed a program for immigrant students, created many educational materials, and also appeared in a TV series, "The World Comes to Los Angeles".
After retiring from a long career as a writer of educational materials for children, Lila Lee Silvern created a new image of herself entertaining at a weekly story salon held at a local coffee house.
She was surprised to learn that her young audiences were delighted with her seven minute, ribald stories about seniors still enjoying sex, romance and a good laugh about themselves.
She hoped to inspire the older crowd to drop some of their inhibitions, get more enjoyment out of life after sixty, and give the younger people a more hopeful look at the future. Sensuality after sixty seems to be the last taboo that TV and the movies seem reluctant to explore. This book may embarrass some, but hopefully it will titillate others to drop a few hang ups and grab what’s left of their lives with gusto and giggles.
Lila Lee Silvern is a graduate of the UCLA Theatre Arts Department and received a Masters Degree in Bilingual Education from California State University. Northridge. She has had educational materials published and appeared in a KLCS series called, “The World Comes to Los Angeles.” She is the mother of two sons.
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