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Review: Dead Ending @HProtagonista

TITLE: Dead Endings
AUTHOR: Jessica Chavez (Author)Irene Flores (Illustrator)
RELEASE DATE: September 29th 2014 
PUBLISHER: Chromatic Press
SOURCE: complimentary copy in exchange of an honest review

In the city that never sleeps, spirits are equally restless and vie for the attentions of those who can sense them. Cailen Delaney, grad student and long-suffering ghost magnet, would rather spend her break getting reacquainted with her pillow, but is instead dragged into the aftermath of a strange series of murders by Everett Jung. Join Jessica Chavez (author) and Irene Flores (illustrator) through the streets of modern New York in this darkly comedic mystery about the connection between life and death…and how sometimes, literally, the separation is razor-thin. Dead Endings was originally serialized in Sparkler Monthly Magazine (

Jessica Chavez is a grizzled localization veteran of XSEED Games who has worked on over 40 titles for Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft consoles. Former editor and then manager, she enjoyed crushing the dreams of fellow gamers until she moved to Australia, where she continues to localize titles and now writes novels.

She enjoys bacon, wine, and expressive cardboard boxes.

Cailen can see ghosts and despite sounding like an exciting thing, it's not. She wants to stay away from them but when Everett asks her help to solve some mysterious murders she has no choice but to say yes.

The story has a fast dynamic, a sense of edge and a lot of action. The plot is solid and entertaining. I really enjoyed how the story evolved and the outcome was extraordinary.

Cailen is an interesting character. She is like an anti-hero, a girl who doesn't want to get involve but knows that helping is the right thing. There is an air of depression around her but once you start reading you understand why she is like that. Gabriella and Everett are great characters too, I really like their dinamic and how each one plays his or her part.

Now... let's talk about the illustrations. They are spectacular, they capture each characters and they help the story in a tremendous way. If they decide to do this a graphic novel, I'm sure it would have a lot of success.

Overall, Dead Endings is a really good thriller-paranormal book. It will catch you with its great characters, funny scenes and full action story.

On a side note: Gabriela's surname is the same as mine (Benitez) I couldn't believe it when I read it. I know is a silly thing but just for that the book make it to my good list! We readers make a fuss for the smallest things and a character with your same last name is HUGE!!!!

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