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Review: All the Skies I will not See: A Novella

All the Skies I will not See:A Novella (A Touch of Cinnamon, #1.5)
Title: All the Skies I will not see.
Author: Petra March
Series: A Touch of Cinnamon #1.5
Release Date: June 9th 2015
Source: complimentary copy in exchange of an honest review.

It takes 7 seconds to crash.
It takes 3 seconds to fall in love.
It takes an infinite moment to let go.

David Medwin's life is fading away, and all he can think about is what it means to be alive.

An intense story about life, death and, most of all, love.


Petra March studied Screenwriting and History of American Cinema at UCLA and NYU. Presently, Petra keeps traveling and dreaming through her novels. Her characters are deeply in love with Europe and the USA, just like Petra is.
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'All the Skies I will not See' is the story of David, Eagan's best friend. If you've read 'A Veil of Glass and Rain' you know who he is, you are aware of his role in Eagan's life and how much his life affected other people. However, somehow knowing the end doesn't make it easy to read.

I was prepared to face dark emotions, to travel through intense feelings and Petra didn't dissapoint me. But she did it in a way I couldn't have imagined.

We knew so little about David and what we get to know here is just a glimpse of his life. There were big surprises and one thing that really caught my attenion was his big brother. He doesn't resemble the man we met in the other book, of course he was changed by the events that take place here.

The narration jumps between the present and the past. Specifically we read about a moment on his life where he discovered himself and how this changed it all. However, the present situation force him to acknowledge that life not always gives us the chance to fix what we broke, to take the opportunities we let go or to said things we didn't said.

An emotional read that will leave you feeling empty and complete at the same time.

This is a novella so it will only take you less than an hour to read it but the writing is profound and it has an excellent use of words.

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