Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! 2015 resolutions


So it's time to make the New Year's Resolutions and decide what to do next with the blog and life.

Here is a list of the things I decided:
1- Because I had so much fun sending gifts worlwide (Mexico, India, Rumania, Philipines, USA and more): I WILL HOST A MONTHLY INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY.
So stay tunned to enter and win great prizes.

2-  I will read those books that have been on my reader or my shelves for more than a year. I WILL READ 1 BOOK PER MONTH THAT HAS BEEN THERE BEFORE 2014.

3- I will read more for pleasure. Ok... reading is always a pleasure but I want to read more books of my choice, less author requests or blog tours reads. Of course that means more saying No.

4- The only challenges I'm joining this year are Goodreads reading challenge (I set up 101 books for me) and one amazing challenge I saw at Tammara Webber FB page.

Ok... that's all for me. I know it's not much but I will let 2015 surprise me. I want to have a great year and one full of amazing books.
What about you???


  1. I hope you achieve all of your resolutions!!! :D

  2. These are all great resolutions. I'm doing the goodreads challenge too, and I need to read my older books on my kindle as well. Happy new year!


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