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Spooktacular Seductions - Release day blitz @roanepublishing

Happy Book Birthday Spooktacular Seductions!
Genre: Romance Anthology Release Date: October 31, 2014
Publisher: Roane Publishing

Keywords: Romance, Short Stories, Halloween, Paranormal

Falling in love can be terrifying.
Eight tales of spooky romance brought to you just in time for Halloween.

Bewitching Gypsy by Linda Carroll-Bradd Garden of Souls by Michelle Ziegler If This Be Madness by Echo Shea Encantado by Havva Murat Do You Believe in Ghosts by Anne Higa Ghost of a Chance by Lily Carlyle Where Angels Tread by Christy Thomas Spooky Hollow Café by Lisa A. Adams

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Unsettled Spirits by @torncashmere - Promo & INT Giveaway

Unsettled Spirits
Title: Unsettled Spirits
Author: Sophie Weeks
Release Date:
May 30th 2013 
Format: Paperback & Ebook

Sarah Markham always assumed that the Ivy League was her ticket to a new life. But after graduating from Harvard at the height of the Great Recession, she finds herself with no job offers and not much hope. That all changes when she enters a bookshop owned by Samuel, an eccentric intellectual who offers her not just a job, but also a place to stay. Sarah soon discovers a small catch though: her room is haunted by Lucy Larch, an opinionated and strong-willed ghost from the 1940s.
As Sarah tries to help Lucy move on, she meets handsome Irishman Ian Flynn and falls in love, but her insecurities soon threaten every relationship she’s built. As Sarah grapples with questions of faith, love, and identity, she must learn to embrace not just the spirits of the present, but the haunting pain of the past. Can she accept her past, and more importantly herself, in order to let love in?

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Sophie Weeks received a Masters degree in English Literature from Mills College in 2006 and completed her PhD in Victorian Literature at Rice University in 2013.
Sophie resides in Payson, Arizona with three furry miscreants, who are wanted in multiple states for criminal adorableness. She is also the author of Outside the Spotlight and Unsettled Spirits

Learn more at:

Booktrope is running a promotion of Unsettled Spirits from October 24th through November 2nd, offering the eBook for .99 cents, perfect for a Halloween treat!




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Love and Other Unknown Variables by @shanlalexander - Review

Love and Other Unknown Variables
Title: Love and Other Unknown Variables
Author: Shannon Lee Alexander
Release Date: October 7th 2014
Format: Paperback & ebook
Publisher: Entangled: Teen
Source: complimentary copy from the publisher via +NetGalley

Charlie Hanson has a clear vision of his future. A senior at Brighton School of Mathematics and Science, he knows he’ll graduate, go to MIT, and inevitably discover solutions to the universe’s greatest unanswered questions. He’s that smart. But Charlie’s future blurs the moment he reaches out to touch the tattoo on a beautiful girl’s neck.

The future has never seemed very kind to Charlotte Finch, so she’s counting on the present. She’s not impressed by the strange boy at the donut shop—until she learns he’s a student at Brighton where her sister has just taken a job as the English teacher. With her encouragement, Charlie orchestrates the most effective prank campaign in Brighton history. But, in doing so, he puts his own future in jeopardy.

By the time he learns she's ill—and that the pranks were a way to distract Ms. Finch from Charlotte’s illness—Charlotte’s gravitational pull is too great to overcome. Soon he must choose between the familiar formulas he’s always relied on or the girl he’s falling for (at far more than 32 feet per second squared).

Shannon Lee AlexanderShannon Lee Alexander is a wife and mother (of two kids and one yellow terrier named Harriet Potter). She is passionate about coffee, books, and cancer research. Math makes her break out in a sweat. Love and Other Unknown Variables is her debut novel. She currently lives in Indianapolis with her family.

Once in a while we get the chance to read a book that stays with us long after reading it. Love and Other Unknown Variables is one of those books not only because it touches you at deep levels but also because the characters become real while you are reading.

Charlie had all his life figure out before knowing Charlotte. This girl comes and put his world upside down showing him that to live is more than just breathing.

This is a book about love, friendship, loss, grieving and people. How people touch and change every life that crosses our way. It's a book about how much we need others to be happy and how much we truly expect from life.

The author uses the words to create a real and palpable world. Where the dialogues sound believable, the characters have defined personalities and each scenario comes to life through her magical words.

Both main characters feel human and their love and sorrow is transmitted in a magnifical way. It's impossible not to laugh or cry with this two and it's even more imposible not to like them.

Books and drawings are a relevant element in the story and for me that makes it more especial. Book lovers will find the quotes inspiring and lovely.
Also, because Charlie is a Math geek there are many mathematical resources used to explain things. I find it really hilarious and very original.

I do have to say that once the big secret is revealed I was torn between two really opposite feelings, one was disappointment and the other surprise. I don't want to spoil anything but I'm sure you will understand when you read it.

Overall, this is a marvelous YA contemporary book about life and the fights we have to face. It's about the good and the bad but above all it's about LIVING.

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Interview with Christopher Cloud

Today, we're shining the interview on a young adult fantasy novel, Adelita’s Secret thanks to Rebecca's Writing Services. Christopher Cloud is an award winning novelist with his collection of young adult novels. 

Title: Adelita’s Secret
Author: Christopher Cloud
Genre: young adult fantasy romance
Title is available at Amazon kindle or paperback
Pick up your copy at Barnes & Noble

Lost in a superficial world of materialism and social status—and ashamed of her Latino heritage—seventeen-year-old Adelita Noé is loved by two men, two men separated by a hundred years and vastly different stations in life. One man owns little more than the shirt on his back. The other, a poet at heart, is heir to a vast fortune. Their love for Adelita serves as the backdrop for the Latino girl’s quest to better understand herself and her Mexican roots.

Read Chapter 1 – 4 on Amazon


Q: Christopher, Do you have any advice for new writers/authors?
There’s an old adage in the writing business that insists writers should write what they know. Twenty-years ago that was true, but not today. The availability of the Internet affords writers the luxury of writing in-depth on any subject. Your story may require a great deal of research, but if you’re willing to invest the time, the Internet allows a writer to qualify himself/herself as an expert on any subject. The Internet has eliminated those long, exhausting trips to the library, and outshines even the Ancient Library of Alexandria.

Q: What are your writing tips for others?
Don’t be afraid, at first, to write poorly. All writers, from Stephen King to Mark Twain, have written stories they’re not particularly proud of.  These stories are usually shoved to the back burner awaiting a serious rewrite. Most never see the light of day. I look back over stories I wrote in college and cringe, they are so poorly written. But that’s how writers improve. There can be no success without a few failures. We cannot all be a Truman Capote, who is said never to have received a rejection letter. 

Q: Tell us a little about your next book or writing project.         
At the moment, I’m between novels. I have established a few criteria for all of my novels, and my next is no exception. The story must be either middle-grade or young adult and have some social relevance. I've boiled my story ideas down to three candidates.

Q: If you could be any famous person/author for one day, who would you be and why?
I gave this question much thought. I’ve decided I’d like to be John Steinbeck when he was halfway through his first draft of The Grapes of Wrath. I’d love to learn his writing routine and who he relies on to read his copy, not for typos, but for content. For my money, The Grapes of Wrath is the most important book by an American author of the 20th century.

Q: If you could trade places with one of the other characters in the book, which character would you really not want to be and why?
Tony Boyles is the antagonist in my young adult novel Voices of the Locusts.  An Army sergeant, Boyles represents all that is bad in the world. He is an angry, self-adoring bully, and finds immorality to his liking. His chip-on-the-shoulder attitude reflects his unhappiness. Indeed, his goal in life is to make other people as miserable as he is. I can’t imagine stepping into his shoes. It would be a most unpleasant experience.

Award winning author Christopher Cloud began writing fiction full time after a long career in journalism and public relations. He writes middle-grade and young adult novels..Cloud graduated from the University of Missouri in 1967 with a degree in journalism. He has worked as a reporter, editor, and columnist at newspapers in Texas, California, and Missouri. He was employed by a Fortune 100 company as a public relations executive, and later operated his own public relations agency. Cloud attended high school in Japan, and lives in Joplin, Missouri. His website Is:

Visit Christopher Cloud’s website

Visit Cloud’s blog

More books by Christopher Cloud

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