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Devil 13: Book I - Chronicle - Review, Author Interview & Giveaway (Int)

Title: Devil 13: Book I - Chronicle
Author: Kenneth D. Watson Jr.
Release Date: February 13th 2014
Format: Paperback & E-book
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Source: complimentary copy from the author in exchange of an honest review.
Key Gifford bears the weight of the whole world on his shoulders. As the 13th Devil, Key was born for a specific purpose: either to be a sacrifice-a way for Hell to claim and destroy the earth-or to make a Garden of Eden of our world and grant humans immortality.
Key is the single catalyst to Armageddon or deliverance, and being responsible for the salvation or death of humanity is a burden he is desperately trying to escape. In this powerful debut novel, Key and his partner, Elizabeth Hellsing, must find the Shroud of Turin if they are to have any hope of changing Key from the 13th Devil into a human.
They'll face unholy opposition at every turn, but if they succeed, it will cancel out the prophecy, free Key from his own sacrifice... and save the Earth from total destruction.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The fight between good and evil is endless. It began when humans appeared on Earth and it will go on forever. But when a half-demon is born as part of a prophecy that states that either he will bring Heaven to Earth or set in motion the Armageddon the story takes a whole new level.

Devil 13 is an electrifying, exciting and full of action book with the premise of being a great series. In this book, Key (the half-demon of the prophecy) is travelling with Liz (a descendent from the Hellsing family) in search of The Shroud which seems to be the only way for Key to become fully human.

Of course the book has bad guys, in this case Abaddon and his group of devils is behind Key and his friend. These devils are really bad beings with no respect for human life. They star in some bloody scenes that surely will impress everyone around. There is another group, the Holy Knights who are this armed force commanded by the Pope.

The story is a perfect representation of the human spirit and what makes us humans. Despite being only half human, Key has a strong sense of rightness and a pure heart. On his quest for salvation he reminds us that no matter where you come from doing what is right is always a choice.

The story has a great writing style. The action scenes where we read about the fights and all have a fast but readable rhythm. Then the passing slows down a bit when we read about Key's internal dilemma. The narrator changes point of view to show all the sides in the story, which is great.Also, the cover art is amazing. I loved it and I think it captures the essence of the book perfectly. Just FYI, Devil 13 Book One – Chronicle is the first of a planned series of four books and I can’t wait to read book two.

Overall, Devil 13 is an entertaining, well written paranormal book. A refreshing story in the good versus devil battle because for now there is no angel, or angels, trying to save the world just a sweet half-demon running against time and an old prophecy.

Ruth: What inspired you to write Devil 13?
Kenneth: I wrote Devil 13 due to an inspiration and love of anime.  I had always dreamed that one day I’d create a series of my own and people would love my characters and cosplay as them.  But, as a black man from Maryland, I set my sights on being an author instead.

Ruth:I know the concept goes back to 2005, but how long took you to finish the book once you started writing?
Kenneth: Well, I started to write Devil 13 in 2008.  From there, I made regular progress on the story, but took a hiatus in 2010.  After about a year, due to procrastination and unforeseen happenings, I got back into writing Devil 13.  I finally finished in 2012.

Ruth: Did you do a lot of research to write it or just let the imagination fly away?
Kenneth: Actually, I did do research.  I wanted to be sure about the biblical references, geography, weaponry, and other elements that I made mention of in the story.  That way, the reader would feel like the story was a bit more realistic or authentic.

Ruth: Is there a sequel in the process?
Kenneth: Yes.  This is a series of four different books.  Book 2: Tribulation  should be available in few months.

Ruth: Key has a sweet personality, his humanity is touching and makes us all look like bad people. How was creating him? Did you get inspiration from any real person?
Kenneth: His personality is based of a combination of things.  He’s based mostly off of me and how I think, and he’s based off of that honest Dudley Do Right sort of value that you might expect from some heroes..

Ruth: How was to imagine the Holy Knights because they are a kick ass groups?
Kenneth: The idea behind the Holy Knights was partially inspired by the military in the Full Metal Alchemist anime.  But, I wanted to make an organization that was more serious.  I often imagined how real people might handle the fact that demons and other paranormal activity sometimes occurs.

Ruth: The bad guys in this book are really wicked and evil, was it easy to write the

bloody scenes?
Kenneth: Writing the bloody scenes was quite easy for me.  Not because I’m sadistic or I fantasize about stuff like that all day.  No, I’m nothing like that.  The violent scenes are from me having a large imagination and being blessed to entertain.

Now, let’s go into personal ground.
Ruth: Are you a religious person? How does this affect your writing?
Kenneth: I am religious.  I like to think that due to my being religious, I can tell the story from different perspectives and angles.  I pray daily, thanking God for my being blessed to write and being a person who is funny.  Now, you may be wondering, “Wait a minute, people swear in his story, so how religious can he be?”  True, ya got me there.  I type swear words into my stories, but I don’t think my story would be as interesting if people didn’t swear or put in something graphic; it’s more realistic that way.  I figure as long as I don’t say any of the swear words out of my mouth, then that’s some good at least.

Ruth: Was finding out you had a brain tumor a crucial point for your writing?
Kenneth: No.  I had just started writing this when the whole tumor situation came about.

Ruth: Anything else you like to share with the world?
Kenneth: My awesome cover art is done by a good friend of mine.  Here’s her website

He lives in District Heights, Maryland, where he has lived his whole life. He began conceptualizing Devil 13 in 2005 but put no words to paper until 2008, right before he was hospitalized for a brain tumor. Since then, Kenneth has undergone four brain surgeries and is currently attending at Prince George's County Community College. He is also the father of nine-year-old Lashay. Devil 13 is his first novel.
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