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Quest of the King - Review

As I said before, I got a copy of the first two books in the series by the publisher. Thank you so much for sending them :)
You can read my review for book one: HERE.
Quest of the King (Ancient Kings #2)
by V.J.O. Gardner  
Quest of the King The second book in the Ancient Kings series: Quest of the King is set in medieval times and dives deep into the fantasy realm. With intrigue and plot twists, the story flows with ease, you will never felt like you missed something, and it will hard to put down.

The story deals with love and romance among royalty and their difficulties with the relationship. Lord Bryant struggling from the loss of his family and being the only one to care for Dracona Castle, and its unusual occupants, rescues a maiden and her father, traveling to a local village, from an evil king in a nearby kingdom. He is enthralled by her beauty and sets out to win her love. Sonje trying to understand a prophetic riddle sets out on a quest with Bryant, filled with fortune tellers, traveling minstrel and a magical sword. With mystery from the past and in the present within each of their families, there are numerous plot twists. 
The characters learn about loyalty to family and friends, honor between kingdoms, kindness to servants and subjects.





My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book two in Ancient Kings series is way better than the start. This is a book that mix fantasy on medieval times and magic.

Basically in this book, Lord Bryant lives alone in Dracona after her father’s death and soon he meets Sonje a strange woman escaping from some danger. Secrets will come out to the light, forgotten past will be re-discovered and prophecies will be fulfilled.

As book one, this installment deals with honor, bravery, honesty, leadership and love. However, this book has a better rhythm, is quite faster without rushing into things. The scenes moves naturally and the essence of medieval times is present. There is some action, danger and romance involved.

Unlike its predecessor this book focuses in a shorter period of time. At the beginning many years pass (when you read you understand why) but the main events take place in a just a few months.

Another difference is that the descriptions of places, people or just the story are shorter. This time the author captures what is important and writes about it with simple language. The characters are well described, their personalities are pretty defined and you can see the
changes in them as the story moves on.

The best part were the dragons, a great addition to the series. This way the book has a touch of magic and emotion that makes reading more enjoyable. I love their descriptions and it was easy to picture them.

Overall, a great fantasy book. A book that you could read as stand-alone because there are not many references about book one so you won't miss anything.

The only reason I’m giving it four out of five stars is some minor errors in printing in my version. There were more than one pages repeated. But that is a small error so don't get scared about it.

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