Friday, August 2, 2013

Eden - Review

It's time for a new review :) I won a copy of this book a while ago and finally I decided to read it.
If you like fantasy books you should read this one.

Eden (Eden #1)
by Janelle Stalder

Trapped within the cruel world of hormones and bullies, fifteen-year-old Aiden is convinced life has more to offer him. His instincts are proven correct on the night he is awakened by a voice calling to him from outside his window. As he sleepily peers into his yard, his eyes slowly focus on a woman who says she is there to take him to Eden. Aiden is about to fulfill the life purpose he never knew he had.

It is in Eden, a land on the brink of war, where Aiden will finally learn to trust himself and those around him. Accompanied by Wolf, his sidekick Logan, and the beautiful archer, Elisa, Aiden is soon thrust into a battle to save Eden. Meanwhile Elisa, the only girl in the King’s Army, is in the midst of her own struggles. Betrothed to a man she has no intention of marrying, Elisa is caught between the need to prove herself and her desire for true happiness. And now that she has met Aiden, she is more confused than ever.

In this action-packed fantasy tale, romance, adventure, and intrigue surround Aiden as he learns just what he is capable of when he discovers confidence and courage.

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My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What if you discover there is another world where magical creatures, knights and a medieval lifestyle are real? And what if you were the key to save a whole kingdom?

Aiden is a common teenager boy with nothing very special about him and living an ordinary life. One night he travels to the world of Eden, a world with two moons and at the edge of war. When the king died he declared his older son as the rightful heir but his younger brother was not too happy with this. Ten years later the war is about to happen and Aiden will be the secret weapon to defeat the enemy army.

Eden is a fantasy with all the ingredients of a YA book and the characteristics of every other fantasy book. It has a smooth rhythm complemented by an easy writing style and likeable characters. The fight scenes as well as the training are well described, entertaining and the best part of the story.

There are two characters Elisa and Wolf, each one with a defined personality, who have an interesting dynamic. They have a love-hate relationship but you can feel there is more below the surface. There are few scenes where we can read about the tension between them and it would have been good if we could see more of the development of their relationship. And Elisa always treats Aiden as a younger brother but he likes her in a more romantic way. However, for the blurb you get the idea that she is confused about her feelings but reading the story this never happens.

The multiple point of view was another good thing. It allows us to read about both flanks and get a better view of the whole picture.

There were a few things that were pretty obvious or too cliché for me like the girl falling for Callum, the younger brother. It was way too predictable how their relationship would be.

The ending is kind of abrupt and it felt hurried. I don’t want to spoil nothing but I expected more.

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