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The Dark Night Whispers - Review

I'm a bit sad because my winter break is almost over, which means I'm going back to classes and work :( Anyway, here is a new review. I have to thank the author for sending me book two in the series.

The Dark Night Whispers (The Whispers #2)
 by Joanna Mazurkiewicz

Read my review for book 1: HERE.
The Dark Night Whispers (The Whispers Series, #2)
This year Ania is hoping to snap out of her depressed mood. She spends her summer locked up in her room, thinking about Gabriel who is somewhere between life and death.
So when Adam, Gabriel’s best friend, turns up on her doorstep and tells her that he can take her to him, Ania refuses because she can’t go through the same hell again. Her heart has already been ripped out of her chest.
She returns to Swansea to start another year at University, but her education is not the most important thing – she ends up getting more involved in the new and dangerous world of the Sprites. This year doesn’t seem to be any easier than the last one, and on top of everything else, she has to find the cure for the Iron curse before Gabriel’s life will end forever.
All at once, Ania is juggling her University work, investigating the kidnapping of a young girl from America for the University paper and trying to fight with the attraction to a handsome blond-haired Sprite who has appeared in her life so unexpectedly.

To confuse Ania even more, she is finding well-known fairy tales in her pocket. They don’t seem to make any sense until she makes a decision to follow her emotions and start looking for her real family.

Will she ever get to the end of this emotional rollercoaster?





My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ania is back, or sort of like it, we find her really depressed after Gabriel was left almost dead. Now she has to move on with her life knowing there is a whole other world out there that only she can see. Returning to Swansea and trying to forgive her mother will be more than she can handle. However, she will have to do it while she tries to save her love one, finds herself involve with another Sprite and search her biological parents… and again somehow her life is in danger.

The Dark Night Whispers is the prefect sequel, we discover more about the Sprites' world, more about Ania’s past and more characters appear. Adam, Gabriel’s best friend, is her new guardian but does a lousy job at it, yet he introduces her to Victoria. She is a sweet Sprite who serves the purposes of a best friend for Ania. And the addition of Aideen is fantastic; he is a little creepy but sexy and mysterious nonetheless.

The story is really good, it has a solid plot, and it continues with the story without inconsistencies besides, if you read the first one is really easy to follow. With the same writing style, the book is full of descriptions, believable dialogues and situations and it has an even rhythm.

As the previous book it has a mature tone, with hot scenes and intense feelings. It is a rollercoaster of emotions, action, danger, excitement, sadness and all you can imagine.

I have to say that sometimes it does feel a bit long, it has extended descriptions and days going by with not much happening. Like I've read the first book I was prepared for this because I already knew the author’s style but I do know that some people might find it a bit hard to read.

Overall, another great job by Joanna. Oh! And like the first one it has a HUGE cliffhanger that will leave you waiting for book three.


  1. Hello, my darling friend!

    Another awesome review! I took your advice and read your review for book 1 in this series first. I love stories that center around folklore from different parts of the world. I must say I don't think I've ever read a book about Sprites. The author gets bonus points just for writing about something different!

    So...who do you personally like better, Gabriel or Aideen? :)

    Well, Ruty, I hope you are well rested. I've only been back to work (teaching summer school) for a week and I am already tired and in need of a break haha.

    Love ya, girl!
    Mia @ The Muses Circle

  2. Don't like cliffhangers; I'll wait for the set. :-)


Thanks for your comment!!!

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