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Author Interview with Y. I. Lee

Welcome to day three of my children's week.
Today I welcome author Y. I. Lee, her book "A Rat & Ransom" is rated for ages 9 and up. It's a sweet and very entertaining book.
Keep reading and find out more about her and her books. 


I was born in Swindon Wiltshire, the eldest of three children.
From a young age my greatest joy, was to curl up with a good book. And over time I naturally progressed into writing.
At the age of ten, I ambitiously attempted my first novel, but quickly gave up. However, the seed was planted. And in the coming years, in between a successful singing career, I continued to put pen to paper.

My first book ‘The Shadowed Valley’ was published in 2011. It’s a dark fantasy adventure for youth/adult.
My second book ‘A Rat and A Ransom.’ Is a fantasy adventure for 9yr olds/adult. It was published this year, 2012.
‘Through A Glass’ a fantasy adventure for youth/adult, is due to be published in Nov 2012.



Ruth: What was your inspiration for writing “A Rat & a Ransom”?
Yvonne: I used to breed and show Fancy rats, and in one of my litters I had a sweet little female. She was all white apart from the black mask on her face. It was perfect, and looked just like the sort of mask worn by highway men in this country many years ago. I called her Mask, and she became the inspiration for my book.

Ruth: How long took you to write it?
Yvonne: From beginning to end, I guess around twelve months.

Ruth: Why did you decide to write a children’s book?
Yvonne: It was probably because as a child I could always be found with a book in my hand. Children have great imaginations, and with technology these days they demand entertainment that is more demanding. Also because of technology many kids these days aren’t reading, and in some cases sadly can’t read. To me it’s important to make a book exciting and interesting. While at the same time being aware they are children and so I need to be sure that what I write is exciting but safe for young minds to read.

Ruth: What was your favorite part of writing it?
Yvonne: I enjoyed writing the whole book. However, I did enjoy the part where Tom and Mask escape from the kidnappers.

Ruth: Were you involved in the process of creating the illustrations? 
Yvonne: No, I sent the artist the chapters of the book I wanted illustrated. And I must say she did a great job! 

Ruth: You used to have a rat as a pet? I always wanted one, how was it? What was its name?
Yvonne: Of all the rats I bred or owned my favourite was a boy, I called him Cocoa. He was gorgeous, very intelligent, loyal and so loving.

Ruth: How was writing about a boy like Tom?
Yvonne: I found it surprisingly easy, especially as my main characters are normally female. But I loved Tom, his character flowed onto the page and just took off, so to speak.  

Ruth: This book has a lot of action despite being a book for a younger audience, why did you decide to include it?
Yvonne: These days due to technology children are more demanding. They want action and adventure. I have been fortunate to be invited into a few local schools to read A Rat and A Ransom to the children and they loved it. Each school has been given a copy for their library. I write only for those aged nine upwards. But mostly I write for Y/A.  

Ruth: What are you currently working on? Are you planning to publish a new book soon?
Yvonne: At the moment I am working on the Y/A sequel to my latest published book, Through a Glass. The sequel is untitled at the moment. I’m hoping it will be ready for publication later this year.

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