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Blog Tour: Feeling Death - Review & Giveaway

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Feeling Death is a book written by the talented and awesome woman D.T. Dyllin. I love all of her work and this new series is going to be amazing :)

Just so you know... don't let the "erotic" label scare you, it's true that it's an adults book but is not just about sex and nothing more.
Keep reading and find out more.

  Feeling Death  
  by D. T. Dyllin 

Samantha Bevans is having the best sex of her life—but it's not with her husband. Fortunately for her marriage, the affair is all in her mind. Isn't it?
As an empath, she senses other people's emotions. But her connection to the man with the the chiseled face and haunting eyes seems so real.
There's no time for fantasies with a serial killer loose in Pittsburgh. The killer is targeting dancers at a strip club where Samantha used to bartend, back when drugs were the only cure for the torment of her abilities.
As a member of a special task force, Samantha uses her talents to sense the victims’ final thoughts. Just when she thought the case was complex enough, she discovers one of the victims was thinking about her fantasy man when she died. 
Who can Samantha trust when she can’t trust her own mind? An empath feels the emotional environment around her…and Samantha is surrounded by death. 

Paperback Expected publication: May 27th 2013 by Dragonfairy Press 
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

AƱadir leyenda
About the author.

Cynical-Optimist. Chocolate-holic. Sarcasm Addict. Paranormal Believer. Romance Junkie. Self Imposed Insomniac. Animal Lover. Writer. 





My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

Samantha has been dreaming with a smoking hot man who is not her husband. What happen when the man of your dreams is not the one you are supposed to love? What would you do when dreams seem more than mere fantasies? What if somehow you suspect that some of your memories were altered?

Feeling Death is a fantastic paranormal book with a hot romance and extraordinary characters. It’s a story that will surprise you with every new twist and every new revelation. Just when you think you figure it out, you will discover how wrong you were.

The plot is amazing to say the least, is really original and the idea of people with paranormal powers is very engaging. Is well planned and excellent written, with an attractive style and a way of telling the story that makes you feel every emotion and situations.

The book is for and adult audience not only because of the sex involved but also because the characters are adults. This is people dealing with problems like love, marriage, relationships and all around a paranormal environment where special abilities are real.

Because the book is labeled as an erotic romance I will have to say something about it. It’s true that the book has explicit sex, with some scenes that rise the temperature to the sky. In my opinion they are perfect, not only they are exceptionally written but also well placed. They appear at the right time and not all the book is about sex.

The characters are amazing. If you read any other book by the author you know she does a great job creating likeable and real characters. Samantha is a woman I love, she is a mess at times but it’s understandable (I mean, anyone would go crazy in her place) but she is also a strong and independent person. Austin and Nixon are two hot men with great personalities, similar and different at the same time, with flaws that make them more human and real.

And of course, there is a bad guy. Who, let me tell you, is really evil and some of the scenes that described his work made a good job scaring me.

There are so many great things about this book but I don’t want to spoil nothing. But I do have to mention that the ending will leave you wanting for more.

Overall, this is an excellent paranormal romance. Recommendable for all the paranormal-erotic-romance lovers.

See what others are saying about Feeling Death on the blog tour.

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Time Warped Travelers - Review

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I hope you all are having a great time.
It's time for a new review. Robert was kind enough to send me a copy of his book and have to say that I'm so glad I read it. It's good to read a book that makes you laugh so much and with such a different style.

Time Warped Travelers
by Robert Westfall 

Time Warped TravelersTime Warped Travelers is a wild work of fiction that tells the tale of two twenty-five year old people with the 2012 outlook on life.
Both are time travelers, and Elizabeth Howard lives in 1922 central Ohio. 

Tommy Evans transports there to start a love affair after seeing her picture in the "Backward Glances" section of a local newspaper. 
Many drugs that are illegal today were not in the time of the Roaring Twenties, and they both partake while helping out a dying woman and her destitute husband. 

It's a comical look of life lessons learned and I'm glad I wrote it. - Robert Westfall


My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

Tommy is a twentyish time traveler who after seeing a photo of a beautiful girl, transports himself to 1922. Time Warped Travelers is a book with humor, suspense, love and great characters, a fast and engaging reading.

A hilarious and adventurous boy, Tommy is one of the funniest characters I ever read about. Imagine a twentyish boy living almost a century before his time, he surely will do and say things that would look out of place. Every time he makes a mistake, says something from his time or uses his knowledge from the future, you can expect to laugh and a lot.

In 1922 he meets Elizabeth, a.k.a. Beth, a young woman with a taste for Foke and marihuana (which wasn’t illegal at that time). Have to say that Foke (like Coke but with something especial) sounds really interesting and seeing them acting like crazy after drinking it was great.

One thing that you have to take on account is that this is an adults book so it has some sex scenes in it, which are well written (nothing to erotic) placed at the right time. Actually, they are very short and easy to read, it’s really far from what you might imagine.

The style is what I love the most, it’s a book written with a simple language, smooth rhythm and short chapters. It’s almost as if you were hearing Tommy tell you a story, you start to feel and imagine him like a sort of a friend.

Another high point is the explanation of why he can time travel, there is never a scientific or complicated explanation. For me this is great because is not a sci-fi book (not in extreme at least), he woke up someday with this possibility and he just does it. Simple, believable and entertaining.

The book also has suspense and a bit of action because there is a bad guy after the main characters, who is looking, for what we can read, hurt them or something. Maybe in book two we get to know more about it.

Overall, if you are looking for a different book this one is for you. I can assure you that you’ll have fun.

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GARGOYLE (The Gathering #1) 
by Lorraine Beaumont 

GARGOYLE (The Gathering Series, #1)Briar Cliff Township- New England's best kept secret...turns out it has a few secrets of its own. For much of the year Briar Cliff is exactly the same as any other small town snugly nestled in forests of the New England coast. But once a year when the winds change old stirrings arise from long kept secrets, forgotten misdeeds and a thirst for vengeance. And so it begins...Something wicked this way comes. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with the series -these aren't your normal, everyday, ugly Gargoyle’s either. They are tortured, hot, witty and will make you wish you had one for yourself...Imagine what Edward did for Vamps; Jacob, for Wolves, and surprisingly enough, what Loki did for (swallow hard) ugly Trolls… enter a captivating world of magic, mystery, forbidden love, betrayal and sacrifice. 

This is a YA/NA/Adult novel with language, violence, and sexual situations. Not recommended for readers under the age of 17.





My rating: 2.5/5

If you put paranormal, hot guys, romance and a big party, you should get a good book but somehow it didn’t work out perfectly for Gargoyle. Summarizing, Gargoyle is a paranormal new-adult book.

This book has as many high as low points. For a start, the changing point of view was the worst part— I started feeling dizzy about the constant change of scenario and at first was a bit hard to know whose point of view I was reading. However, after reading half a book I got used to it and it didn’t bother that much.

The New Adult label is not really clear, there’s never a clear statement about how old the characters are. But for what we can read about college, the rooms and all that it seems like they are more than 18. Their attitudes made them look like hormonal teenagers but nowadays adolescence goes up to 20 something, so boys and girls around that age acting like younger kids sounds real for me.

The main girl Evie is ok. She is the typical virgin heroine who goes all crazy for the hot guy, what come on! Who wouldn’t? For what we can read she will have a bigger role as the series moves on.

Adriane, Simon and Alistar are of course the best part, the sexy gargoyles of the story. It’s great to read how they were as humans. They don't have very complete personalities but traces of them are well described.

The plot is a complete different story, only at the end I was able to fully understand what the story is about which means I will have to read book two. The first chapters are all about getting to know the characters and how much Evie wants Adriane (which is fun to read) and then we discover that there are like two kinds of gargoyle (which means bad guys vs good guys) but there is not as much action and fight as I would have like to read.

The book has a HUGE CLIFFHANGER at the end, you will have to read book two if you want some answers.

Overall, it’s up to you if this is your type of book. If you like sexy scenes, different points of view and gargoyles you should try this one.

*** I received an ecopy from the author in exchange of an honest review. ***

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Coming Through the Fog - Review

Welcome Back!
It's time for a new review. This time is a non-fiction book. I have to thank the author for sending me a copy of it.

Coming Through the Fog
by Tami A. Goldstein.
Coming Through the Fog: A Mother Shares Her Journey of Her Daughter S Recovery from Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder to Functioning Recovery and Independent Living While Providing Helpful Tips for Other Parents.
A mother tells the journey of her daughter's recovery from Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder to Functioning Recovery and independent living, giving tips to parents on how to navigate the medical and educational domain. 
This story is an example of the unique obstacles facing a parent raising a child with Autism. 
The challenges they face getting supports. What is Sensory Processing Disorder, CranioSacral Therapy and Bio-Medical Therapy, and what roles they play on the road to Functioning Recovery and independent living? 
See actual projective trials pertaining to sensory supports. Is educational discrimination the reason there is difficulty getting help in school? 
As this story unfolds it provides useful tips to other parents to help them on their journey with their child. 
This story is notable because this mother's daughter was successful overcoming numerous obstacles while providing useful tools, inspiration and hope to others.





My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

It’s never easy to rate or to review someone else’s life. This book is the story of a mother and her journey to help her daughter. A real example of the importance of never giving up, of searching for more options and different opinions. This story has a happy ending because Heather is now an independent grown up young woman but as the author says there are many cases of kids whom without the proper help or diagnosis would have a difficult life.

Tami decided to tell her side of the story. As a mother, her role was to find solutions for her daughter, for her education and to help her have a better life. Through this book we discover the different obstacles she had to overcome and how her endless efforts helped Heather be person she is today.

A book divided in different topic, the diagnosis, the educational system and tips for parents or people close to this subject. The language use by Tami makes you feel like if you were hearing her while she narrates her story.

This is a very insightful book on a very current and important subject with simple explanations about the different spectrums and disorders. If you are part of the educational system (for example teachers) or are close to kids with these characteristics, this book is a useful source and tool. It has examples on how to act and the diversity of ways to help them.

The only thing that I didn’t enjoy that much would be the longest chapter, it’s about the differences between the medical and educational supports, at the end it’s a long sum of complaints. I totally understand why she had to write it, the educational system only added more obstacles and never fully listened to her. It’s not that it’s bad or boring but was the slowest of chapters and I wanted to read more about how the teachers could help a kids like Heather.

Overall, a great non-fiction book, inspiring and real. If you enjoy this type of book this is a good option.

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It's time for a new review. This time is a new short story by Demetrius Sherman. I read and reviewed two of his previous stories. You can read my review for them HERE.

by Demetrius Sherman


A company that will murder to keep its secret unknown. A tough private investigator on a terrifying case.
Peter Sunday thought it was a routine job. Instead, he finds himself in a pulse-pounding fight to the death with creatures he can’t kill. If he loses, everyone he loves, and many others, will die.



NOTE: if you buy your copy on Smashwords you can decided the price :) Great idea if you ask me.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

As you can imagine by the cover, this story has our beloveds “blood suckers” in it. This is a short but exciting story with mystery and action in it.

Dark Hunger presents Pete Sunday, a private investigator, ex-police officer, hired by a woman to find her son. While he works on this case he finds himself wrapped up in more cases. A murdered journalist, dead bodies founded everywhere and a strange company behind it all.

Being a short story it has a fast rhythm and the chapters fly by one after the other. Nevertheless, the intrigue and the suspense are present all the time. Word by word we discover along the main character a secret and dark world, hidden under false promises.
I don’t want to spoil anything because so much happens in the story but let me tell you that is so attractive and fast that you will read it in just a few minutes or less than an hour.

Overall, this is a well written and engaging story for all mystery lovers.

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Blog Tour: Remember Dippy - Review

Welcome to a new blog tour.
Remember Dipy is a book writen by Shirley Reva Vernick. 
I have to thank the author and Books Complete me for the copy.

Remember Dippy by Shirley Reva Vernick
Published Date: May 2013
Publisher: Cinco Puntos Press
Genre: YA

The Story: Johnny's plans fly out the window when he finds out his single mother is leaving town for the summer. She has a breakthough job in upstate New York. He can live with his Aunt Collette but only on the condition that he "help out with" his autistic older cousin, Remember. Yup, you heard it right: Remember Dippy. That's his cousin's name—and Remember is a gawky awkward kid with some pretty strange habits, like repeating back almost everything Johnny says and spending hours glued to the weather channel. Johnny's premonitions of disaster appear at first to come to cringeworthy fruition, but when the two boys save a bully from drowning, salvage the pizzeria guy's romance, and share girl troubles, Johnny ends up having the summer of his life.

Purchase a copy:
Amazon / Barnes & Noble

About the Author:
Shirley Reva Vernick's debut novel The Blood Lie was named on the 2012 Best Fiction for Young Adults list from the American Library Association. It also received the Simon Wiesenthal Once Upon a World Children's Award and Sydney Taylor Honor Book Award. Shirley lives with her husband, two daughters, and two frisky dogs in western Massachusetts. 

In addition to running a popular storytelling website——Shirley has written for Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Ladies' Home Journal, national newspapers, and the publications of Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Boston universities.

GoodReads | Website


My rating: 4 of 5 stars (Actually it would be 3.5/5)

Johnny is a fourteen-year-old boy who has to spend his summer taking care of his cousin Remember, a sixteen-year-old autistic boy who will teach him about friendship and seeing the world with different eyes.

This book is a fast read, with simple language story with two nice and likeable boys and good adventures.

Remember (yes, that’s his name) or Mem to friends, is just an incredible character. Not only is well built but his whole personality is awesome, one of the good things about him is that his condition of autistic person is not the main focus of the book. There are some passages that describe attitudes and behavior which are a clear evidence of him being autistic but there’s never a complete diagnosis, he is just a special kid.

Johnny at first seems like a selfish or self-center kid but you have to remember that here is a teenage boy who will stay all summer vacation at his aunt’s house, babysitting his older cousin. He is bit obnoxious at times but then again he is just a boy who wants to have fun. Luckily, he discovers a great friend a companion in Remember. I’m glad how things work out for them and how good and tolerant Johnny is with the different sides of Mem’s personality.

The story in general is entertaining and engaging, specially the dynamic between the two boys it what makes it interesting.

The rest of the secondary characters are ok, I like Johnny’s friends they are great kids and his aunt is a lovely lady. There is one character I didn’t like at all is Jo. Johnny is like in love with her but I don’t know why she ends up being a really annoying.

Overall, a nice YA with nice characters and a good plot.

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Forbidden to Love - Review

I really liked this book.  I read it thank to NETGALLEY.
If you like mythology and love this one is for you.

Forbidden to Love 
by D.A. Wills 

Forbidden to Love
The Gods Made Me. They Own Me. They Rule Me.

Well, they like to think they do.

Almost a year ago I was rejected and banished by Eros the God of Love. Now I've been forced by Eros to live a life of slavery in the mortal world completely forbidden to love anyone but him - unless I want pain, heartbreak and torture to feature heavily in my future.

My hatred for Eros is almost as strong as my desire to escape this life of loneliness, which is looking very unlikely. Until I see him, the auraless mortal, who steals my breath and burns my heart. Now I have to find a way to be with him even if that means losing everything I have and starting a war to end all worlds. Lucky for me this guys willing to kill to give me a life.

I may be forbidden to love but I'm determined to live.





My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Acacia was created by Zeus to be Eros’ love interest. However, he doesn’t want her as well as he didn’t want her two sisters Amora and Allana. Now she pretends to be just another teenager going to high school while she matches people as part of her work as a love goddess.

A story about love and compromise, about fighting for what you think is right, about sacrifice and friendship. At first it is a really slow book, in my opinion, because we have a complete explanation of why the sisters were created, a description of the different gods and goddesses. All of which is done to create a more complete world where this story is set, I understand why it’s necessary but it was slow for my taste but once it was done the real story began.

Once Acacia set her eyes Josh the action comes to life. We witness a fast passing story where the love at first sight brings serious and almost deadly consequences. The action is electrifying, full of adrenaline and well written. One of my favorite parts was the Underworld, it is described in a way that really transport you to this terrible place and easy to imagine every creature and the emotion going through the characters.

Acacia is not likeable at first and it seems a bit annoying but once love knocks at her door I liked her a bit more. With passionate and deep feeling we see her falling in love and deciding to risk her life to be with her soul mate. I ended up liking her and wanting the best for her.

The whole Olympus gods is amazing, the author makes an excellent work creating people that looks and acts as more than mere humans. Despite the slow start, the rest of the story is perfect.

Overall, a great story despite its slow beginning. An exciting love story and gods to make things better. If you like sweet and fast romance you should read this one.


It’s obvious that a sequel is on its ways and I expect that there we can find explanations to some unsolved business such as Luca. I was a little taken aback at first because Acacia is all over him without second thought but I’m not going to complain about him or their relationship because I can bet that the reason will be unveiled in the next book.

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Harold the High Knight and Princess Megan - Review

Hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday :) 
It's time for a new review, this time I have to thank the author for sending me a copy of his book.

Harold the High Knight and Princess Megan
by Micheal Andrisano 

A Beguiling Adventure in the World of Fairy... 
Things just haven't been the same for Harold and Megan since their father mysteriously disappeared. But one night, a ghostly visitor tells Harold that his father is being held captive by a mad gnome named Gagledormius, somewhere in Ireland. 
To find the lair of the mad gnome, Harold must solve a riddle. Harold loses all hope; he hates puzzles of all kinds. But a magical box that belonged to his father may hold a clue. When Harold relates his strange tale to his family, his mother refuses to believe it, and thinks Harold is making up stories to console him for the loss of his father. 
But Megan knows there's more to it. Against their mother's wishes, Harold and Megan turn to their classmates for help. But when nobody can solve the riddle, they must convince their mother that their father is in danger, and that they must travel to Ireland to seek the help of his relatives and friends.
Little do they know what awaits them on the Emerald Isle: the mad gnome is the enemy of fairy folk, and they receive some special help from the Mayor of the Leprechauns, as well as from a surprise visitor who appears when hope is lost. 
Will Harold and Megan find their father, and can they rescue him before time runs out? Follow them across the ocean and into a magical world as they explore the realm of enchantment.




My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Harold the High Knight and Princess Megan is a juvenile story full of fantasy and sweet lessons. A brother and a sister, whose father has gone missing without any goodbyes or clues about his whereabouts, join forces to save him from an evil gnome.

The book presents two nice characters, a thirteen-year-old boy and a girl two years younger. They’re both unique and quite interesting. Harold seems a bit older at times but maybe because his father went away he has taken the role of the man of the house. His sister is really funny and likeable. Megan is actually really smart and despite her age she has a very relevant role in the story.

The story includes a lot of Irish folklore which is great because it brings magic and fantasy to life. I really enjoy all the mystery surrounding the gnomes, leprechauns, fairies because everything is well explained and used with great purpose.

The plot is good- it presents quite a solid world where fantasy seems possible and real. However, it’s not fully engaging and it loses rhythm at times because there are parts that could have been deleted to make the story move faster. And there were others of which I expect more and little was said.

It has sweet messages such as the importance of our families, working together and supporting each other. Also it includes friendship and first love.

I have to say that the book has a weird style, with justified paragraphs and the dialogues mixing with the narration which makes it difficult to read for moments. Other issue was that 2 or 3 times the book changes from Harold’s point of view to third person but it only happens for a few sentences.

Overall, this book is a good fantasy for young readers and adults who enjoy this type of book. It also has a few illustrations that make it prettier to the eye.

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RUNES - Trailer reveal & Giveaway

Happy Monday! I hope you all have a great week. To star this new one I have the pleasure to host the trailer reveal for:

by Ednah Walters
Runes Seventeen-year-old Raine Cooper has enough on her plate dealing with her father’s disappearance, her mother’s erratic behavior and the possibility of her boyfriend relocating. 
The last thing she needs is Torin St. James—a mysterious new neighbor with a wicked smile and uncanny way of reading her. 
Raine is drawn to Torin’s dark sexiness against her better judgment, until he saves her life with weird marks and she realizes he is different. But by healing her, Torin changes something inside Raine. Now she can’t stop thinking about him. Half the time, she’s not sure whether to fall into his arms or run. 
Scared, she sets out to find out what Torin is. But the closer she gets to the truth the more she uncovers something sinister about Torin. 
What Torin is goes back to an ancient mythology and Raine is somehow part of it. Not only are she and her friends in danger, she must choose a side, but the wrong choice will cost Raine her life.


EDNAH WALTERS grew up reading Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys and dreaming of one day writing her own stories. She is a stay-at-home mother of five humans and two American short-hair cats (one of which has ADHD) and a husband. 
When she is not writing, she’s at the gym doing Zumba or doing things with her family, reading, traveling or online chatting with fans. Ednah is the author of The Guardian Legacy series, a YA fantasy series about children of the fallen angels, who fight demons and protect mankind. 
AWAKENED, the prequel was released by Pill Hill Press in September 2010 with rave reviews. BETRAYED, book one in the series was released by her new publisher Spencer Hill Press in June 2012 and HUNTED, the third installment, will be released April 2013. 
She’s working on the next book in the series, FORGOTTEN. Ednah also writes New Adult paranormal romance. RUNES is the first book in her new series. She is presently working on book 2, IMMORTALS. Under the pseudonym E. B. Walters, Ednah writes contemporary romance. SLOW BURN, the first contemporary romance with suspense, was released in April 2011. It is the first book in the Fitzgerald family series. 
Since then she has published four more books in this series. She's presently working on book six. You can visit her online at or

Contact Ednah:

This is for US mailing addresses only.

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Author Interview with Y. I. Lee

Welcome to day three of my children's week.
Today I welcome author Y. I. Lee, her book "A Rat & Ransom" is rated for ages 9 and up. It's a sweet and very entertaining book.
Keep reading and find out more about her and her books. 


I was born in Swindon Wiltshire, the eldest of three children.
From a young age my greatest joy, was to curl up with a good book. And over time I naturally progressed into writing.
At the age of ten, I ambitiously attempted my first novel, but quickly gave up. However, the seed was planted. And in the coming years, in between a successful singing career, I continued to put pen to paper.

My first book ‘The Shadowed Valley’ was published in 2011. It’s a dark fantasy adventure for youth/adult.
My second book ‘A Rat and A Ransom.’ Is a fantasy adventure for 9yr olds/adult. It was published this year, 2012.
‘Through A Glass’ a fantasy adventure for youth/adult, is due to be published in Nov 2012.



Ruth: What was your inspiration for writing “A Rat & a Ransom”?
Yvonne: I used to breed and show Fancy rats, and in one of my litters I had a sweet little female. She was all white apart from the black mask on her face. It was perfect, and looked just like the sort of mask worn by highway men in this country many years ago. I called her Mask, and she became the inspiration for my book.

Ruth: How long took you to write it?
Yvonne: From beginning to end, I guess around twelve months.

Ruth: Why did you decide to write a children’s book?
Yvonne: It was probably because as a child I could always be found with a book in my hand. Children have great imaginations, and with technology these days they demand entertainment that is more demanding. Also because of technology many kids these days aren’t reading, and in some cases sadly can’t read. To me it’s important to make a book exciting and interesting. While at the same time being aware they are children and so I need to be sure that what I write is exciting but safe for young minds to read.

Ruth: What was your favorite part of writing it?
Yvonne: I enjoyed writing the whole book. However, I did enjoy the part where Tom and Mask escape from the kidnappers.

Ruth: Were you involved in the process of creating the illustrations? 
Yvonne: No, I sent the artist the chapters of the book I wanted illustrated. And I must say she did a great job! 

Ruth: You used to have a rat as a pet? I always wanted one, how was it? What was its name?
Yvonne: Of all the rats I bred or owned my favourite was a boy, I called him Cocoa. He was gorgeous, very intelligent, loyal and so loving.

Ruth: How was writing about a boy like Tom?
Yvonne: I found it surprisingly easy, especially as my main characters are normally female. But I loved Tom, his character flowed onto the page and just took off, so to speak.  

Ruth: This book has a lot of action despite being a book for a younger audience, why did you decide to include it?
Yvonne: These days due to technology children are more demanding. They want action and adventure. I have been fortunate to be invited into a few local schools to read A Rat and A Ransom to the children and they loved it. Each school has been given a copy for their library. I write only for those aged nine upwards. But mostly I write for Y/A.  

Ruth: What are you currently working on? Are you planning to publish a new book soon?
Yvonne: At the moment I am working on the Y/A sequel to my latest published book, Through a Glass. The sequel is untitled at the moment. I’m hoping it will be ready for publication later this year.

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Interview with Carole P. Roman

Hi everyone and welcome to day 2 of my children's week. Today we welcome author Carole P. Roman.
You can check out two of her books and my reviews HERE.
Keep reading and find out more about her and her sweet books.


Award winning author Carole P. Roman is a former teacher turned businesswoman. She has successfully run a family business with her husband that employs close to five hundred people. Her most favorite job is being grandmother to her many grandchildren.  

Roman has two wonderful sons and hit the jackpot in the daughter-in-law department. She currently lives on Long Island with her husband.

Her first book, Captain No Beard - An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life has been named to Kirkus Reviews' Best of 2012 as well garnered the star of remarkable merit.  Captain No Beard has developed in a series of 3 more books.  

Her next project is the book series I Want To Do Yoga Too.  She is currently working on a new educational series that explores different cultures from a child's point of view.


Ruty: Why did you decide to write children books? 
Carole: My older son self-published a book on Createspace.  He dared me to write one as well.  I sat down, thought about a game I play with my grandson, Alexander, and Captain No Beard was born. The story just flowed out, and as soon as I finished it, and dedicated it to my grandson, I had to write another.  You see, at the time, I had two grandchildren at the time, so Hallie had to get her own book as well, and “I Want To Do Yoga Too” was created.

I was overwhelmed with the response.  “Captain No Beard- An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate’s Life” was named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best of 2012, as well as received the Star of Remarkable Merit and then the Pinnacle Award for one of the Best Indie Children’s Books for 2013.  I wrote “Pepper Parrot’s Problem with Patience” and that has gotten 5 Stars from the ForeWord Review-The Clarion Review.  You see, I had another grandchild, and she needed a book dedication as well! This encouraged me to write three more Captain No Beards and gave me the confidence to write my non- fiction series “If You Were Me and Lived in…”

Ruty: How has your experience as a teacher helped you writing them? 
Carole: I loved teaching and even though I left profession almost forty years ago, I think teaching never leaves you! I love to read, especially about history or culture.  I enjoy teaching the kids little facts to make things interesting.  “If You Were Me and Lived in …Mexico” was the result of a walk on the strip in Las Vegas.  We talked about the different countries represented in the facades of the casinos.  A trip to Disney”s “It’s a Small World” reinforced all we discussed.  They kids were fascinated with all  the trivia we talked about.  I simply put it in a book form I thought might appeal to little one.  What would they notice or want to know about another country?  What could tempt them to want to learn more? Many years ago I was the “go to” sub in our local school, there were not a lot of jobs around.  I had a huge bag filled with things to keep the children’s interest and  used many of the ideas that made me a sought after substitute. 

Ruty: How long can take to write and illustrate one of your books? 
Carole: Writing the books comes fast and furious. I usually get an idea, right at dawn when my head is really clear.  I go to work, five miles from home, write it down and then read it to my sons.  I have picked the same illustrators for each of the series.  We have never spoken, but they are wonderfully intuitive and seem to understand exactly what I want to convey.  They are not allowed a credit per the contract at Createspace and that makes me sad, because they deserve it.  We do a storyboard of ink, once we agree, they do a color version.  After that’s approved, we finalized it and then we place the text on the correct picture.  The whole process takes a few months and each time we do another segment, it’s as exciting as my birthday!  It’s like unwrapping presents.  I am sort of addicted to the whole process.  The staff is wonderful and has been gentle with my lack of computer knowledge. 

Ruty: Being a grandmother surely has motivated you to write these books, how much inspiration do you take from your grandchildren? 
Carole: I remember my parents talking of being grandparents and thinking they were exaggerating about the experience.  Being a grandmother is the most amazing part of my life.  I adore these children. I love seeing my kids, my daughters in law and even my own parents in their faces.  They make me laugh like nobody else.  We rush though life so fast.  I remember someone said to me, that the days drag, but the years fly.  Life took off, so looking at these babies, playing with them, I now try to press the “hold” button and really savor everything.  Alexander is full of energy, and questions.  He has a vivid imagination and will play any game I can think of, from our brave pirate to the captain of a starship.  Hallie is the most reasonable and charming little girl.  Her tenacity to work though challenges is inspiring.  Cayla is the most adorable roly poly who is ready for anything, at any time.  Her smile lights up the universe. Yes, I would say they inspire me!

Ruty: How has been the experience of being a children’s author?
Carole: I am having the time of my life. I have worked since I am sixteen and have enjoyed so many and successful careers. I love creating something that is enjoyed by others.  When I have read the books at local schools, I am staggered by the rapt faces of my listeners.  They are loving the adventure. They get it!  I have had so many notes from people thanking me for the positive influence of the stories, or of the cultural series, I feel relevant.  I don’t want to sit back and watch the show, I love being in the show!

Ruty: Why do you consider is important to children to learn about other cultures?
Carole: Information is the best weapon against intolerance. The world is at our fingertips today, how can we not want to learn about why we do things a certain way, or not want to know we are all basically the same. If things are demystified, they lose the strangeness that separates us. 

Ruty: Do you consider there is an appropriate age for kids to learn about other cultures or anytime is perfect?
Carole: I started teaching my children and grandchildren about different cultures form the minute they sat up.  We sampled different foods, I took them to every house of worship I could find. We discussed the beauty of all religions, art, clothes.  We like the excitement of comparing information and finding a commonality. I exposed them to ethnic music from the time they were born.  Like I said, the world and all its beauty is at our fingertips in so many different ways.

Ruty: How many books are you planning to publish for this series?
Carole: If they sell, I will keep going.  I started with five.  I took a county from each corner of the world and wanted them to be as diverse as I could.  Mexico is my first and it seemed fitting to discuss our close neighbor to the south.  I chose France next, because I love French history.  I have a shop where I go weekly and always ask about their home, South Korea. As it was in Asia, I knew very little about the country, it was a natural.  We eat in a Turkish restaurant and it was a perfect country for the middle east. Up north, I picked Norway, and the whole thing was a revelation for me, and lastly Kenya called to me from Africa. My hairdresser is Russian, I want to do England, my friend has asked for Poland and my bankers have said they’d help with India and Pakistan.  My neighbor sent me info on Hungary. Lady Selah Sujuris from Storyteller’s Campfire radio has asked me to do her Native American Tribe in Canada. I WANT TO DO IT ALL!  I am loving this, but they are very expensive and must pay for themselves.  If it takes off, the sky is the limit. I would love to expand and do “If You Were Me and Lived in …the Middle Ages, or Ancient Rome.  


Ruty: Captain No Beard has the purpose to teach valuable lesson to kids, isn’t it? Why do you think is important to do that?
Carole: It’s better to learn though discussion rather when  we hurt each other.  Each of the books tackles skirmishes we address every day with children.  The first book in the CNB series was about loyalty, leadership, responsibility.  Pepper’ s book is about tolerance, understanding and patience, Doldrums shows the outcome when we don’t play nice or share.  It also teaches that grudges don’t solve the problem.  Strangers on the High Seas – due out this week, reminds children not to talk to strangers or approach and touch animals they don’t know.  The big lesson is not to judge friends because we think they don’t fit certain molds.  Help can come from the most unexpected places!

Ruty: How many books are you planning to write about Captain No Beard?
Carole: I have written 11 children’s  books this year.  Five Captain No Beards, Five Cultural Books, and one yoga book.  I would love to match it next year- we’ll see how it goes!
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