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Edge of the Falls - Review, Guest post & Giveaway

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Edge of the Falls is a retelling of The Beauty and The Beast, a fantastic dark dystopia written by Nazarea Andrews.

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Sabah always knew where she belonged—with Berg—and what was expected of her—to care for the other children the Mistress took in.

But when a ban-wolf saves her life, things begin to change.

Arjun isn’t like the other ban-wolves, the savage creatures that are barely human. He’s gentle and furious and as Sabah spends time with him, she can’t seem to get him out of her mind. But in a world of darkness, control, and danger, is there a place for two outcasts?

A romantic retelling of Beauty and the Beast in a dark dystopia.





Guest Post: Music behind the Fairytale by Nazarea Andrews.

I write to music. Always. These songs don't fit perfectly for a scene, but each spoke to me about a relationship, or emotion on of the characters was feeling at a certain time. I'm going to try really hard to avoid spoilers here, but be warned.
Ok--here we go.

Heaven--Theory of a Deadman.
This song reminds me of Sabah throughout her journey. It's a lot of how she feels about the children in the Manor, and a little of what she's going through on a more romantic level. Also--it's a gorgeous song.
Life for Rent--Dido
For so much of the story, Sabah is letting others decide what she will do--Berg, the Mistress, even Arjun. I think this song is talking about that, and it really sums up Sabah.
3 Shh--Frou Frou
Beauty and the Beast--Angela Lansbury.
There isn't much to say about this one. It's pretty...obvious.
Call Me--Shinedown
This is Arjun's theme. To me, it's about someone who loves someone that might not be right for him. Someone he can't help but love. It's very very Arjun.
Stay Now--Jem
Without giving away too much, this is the Mistress' song. I think sending away the children she has cared for and raised would be difficult. And there are (of course) complications.
A Year Without Rain--Selena Gomez.
My niece made me listen to this. And it fits the mood in Part 3 of the book. And that is all I'm saying.
Already Home--Thousand Foot Krutch.
There's a line in this 'the trouble with truth is it never lies' that  really struck me. Especially since lies surround Sabah, some that she willing indulges because she doesn't want to face the truth.
Those Nights--Skillet
I love the relationship portrayed here. It's not perfect, but it really resonates with me and the relationship Sabah and Berg have.
Yours to Hold--Skillet.
This song is so sad. And it screams Arjun and Sabah, at almost every point in their relationship. I love it.
The Outside--Taylor Swift
I like how this speaks to the loneliness that surrounds outcasts--even when Sabah is with people, she feels like an outsider and that is a very lonely feeling
There is nothing I can say without being spoilery. So feel free to @ me on Twitter after you read the book and I'll tell you why I picked this song. :)

If you've read the book and have a song suggestion, I'd love to hear it! You can find me on Twitter @NazareaAndrews :)


Nazarea Andrews is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read.
She loves chocolate and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. 
She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, and overgrown dog. 
Her first book, Edge of the Falls, is available now from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 



My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The world has suffered a cataclysm, scientists have experimented with DNA and now the world has changed. A future world where terms like Quota, Insurance, Commission have strong meanings and decide people's future.

Sabah has lived in the Manor since she was a child. With Berg at her side she never questioned The Mistress or her life, but when you get older curiosity starts to prickle and what you discover might not be a good surprise. When she is saved by a ban-wolf (a mix of man and wolf) she will go through an exciting path.

A tale that moves with a constant rhythm, with explanations of the world they are living and memories of past episodes that completes the storyline and help to really understand the characters and their stories.

Sabah is a great character, a really strong and brave woman with a believable and loving personality. She goes through an evolution into a more independent, courageous and solid person. Arjun a ban-wolf with a strong temperament, with moments where his anger takes the best of him, but he also has a sweet and warm side which makes you love him. The love story between them is beautiful, every page brings more romance and we see blossom one great love.

The book offers great doses of tension around Sabah’s relationship with Berg. They have been friends for a long time (maybe more than friends) but things change when she discovers some secrets and she starts to have feelings for Arjun. Love will mix with more ugly feelings like resentment.

The dystopian world is very well built, it’s easy to understand and enjoyable. There is a good use of technologies, an addition of behaviors that recall old costumes, an structure similar to medieval cities, a fact that you can see with descriptions of the city surrounded by guards plus a savage and dangerous Outside world.

Overall, if you like retellings and dystopias you should definitely read this book.

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