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Hidden Gates - Release Day celebration (Giveaway)

Yes! The day has finally arrived!!!One of my favorites authors/friends is releasing her book. (Actually is a re-releasing but lets not get into details). The ebook version is out and the paperback will be out in February :)
And to celebrate this event we have a giveaway! Just keep reading to find out more.

(P.J. Stone Gates TRILOGY #1)
by D.T. Dyllin 

For P.J. Stone, being a “Seer” who has never seen anything is less than fun. And P.J. isn’t known for her patience.

To make matters worse, she must choose a suitable mate to continue the Seer bloodline. Duty always comes before her heart…at least that’s what her parents taught her. When she finds herself wanting someone who is considered off-limits, P.J. is forced to question everything she believes.

As if navigating her love life isn’t complicated enough, P.J. finally receives a vision—of a threat to her world that only she can perceive. But no one will believe a fledgling Seer’s warnings. With nowhere else to turn, she may decide to trust a stranger with her life, her world, and maybe even her heart.



1 EBOOK VERSION OF HIDDEN GATES (mobi. ePub or pdf... winner's pref)
A SWAG PACK (includes: book poster, magnets, bookmarks & postcards).
The ebook is open to international entries (EVERYONE CAN ENTER) and the swag pack is exclusive for US residents. 
Just leave a comment with your email and tell me if you are from the US or international!

Two winners will be chosen randomly on February 7th.

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Perfectly Unique - REVIEW

Hi! It's time for a new review.
I received a copy of this book via NETGALLEY some time ago. I'm not a fan of non-fiction but I enjoyed it :)

I really liked the cover and the fact that the lead singer of Lady Antebellum recommend it, is a plus :)


Perfectly Unique: Praising God From Head to Foot
by Annie F. Downs
Your body is an instrument. No, it's not a flute, or a guitar (I hope). It is a sacred and original design by a master craftsman with a specific plan and purpose. That's a pretty big deal. From head to foot, the way you view your body is directly connected to how you serve God. Seriously. From the thoughts you think to the steps you take, every part of you is linked to the divine. Perhaps you are struggling with your body image or are trying to make sense of why God made you as you are. Maybe you are looking for new ways to understand Scripture or to love God more fully. Either way, this book will take you on a thoughtful, funny, and spirit-filled exploration of the way you were designed and will help you better honor the Creator by learning to value his perfectly unique creation (yourself!).


My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Perfectly unique is a non-fiction book that could be easily a fiction one. If Annie would have chosen to hide her behind a fictional girl to give advices about how to honor God with your body, it would had been believable. However she decided to be honest and use her experience to help others.

Annie creates a book that is perfect for young and adults. There is no age for being uncomfortable with your body, learning to love yourself and really be ok with who you are takes time and is not easy.

Overall, is a fantastic book to help girls to learn and understand what true beauty is about. To help them comprehend that the outside is not everything, that true beauty begins inside us.

The religious approach that the book has might be something that non-religious people will not like or it could be the argument for not reading this book. I’m not a religious person myself, but reading about the love the author has towards God and how her spirituality is a fundamental part of who she is, makes this book a good reading.

The book also includes tips to learn to appreciate every part of you, funny personal stories, recipes and verses from the Bible.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Medusa's Desire - Review

Medusa's Desire (Fate of Eros #1)

When Medusa was beautiful, finding a man to love her was easy. 
Poseidon fought for glances from her heavy-lidded eyes against hundreds of suitors who proposed whenever she left her house.Athena grew jealous. She allowed Medusa to be violated in the Parthenon and turned her into a monster for her indiscretion.

Now when she stares into the eyes of men, they scream as their skin hardens into stone. A caress against her cheek will be rewarded with the poisonous bites of the snakes that slither on her head.No man is brave enough to approach her, until Perseus is ordered by the gods to kill her.

When they meet, desire sizzles between them. They are willing to risk it all-death, the wrath of the gods, the destruction of their families-if it means they can spend one more night together.



My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Medusa’s Desire is a retelling of the well-known myth of the monster that turns people into stone. This book gives us a new look to Medusa’s life and her personality but most of all, it gives her a human side, making her more sweet and innocent of how we might have pictured her.

Medusa has a tough life. With a gambler father, she tries her best to help her family and her mother. The difficulties in her life lead her to a turbulent path, which eventually take her to be the fatal monster we all know. After being rape by Poseidon she is sent to the Underworld, where she suffers a cruel punishment and an awful torment. Perseus is sent to end her life, but things don’t go as planned and they fall in love.

This book is a rollercoaster of emotions to say the least. The suffering, the hate, the sorrow, even the love is increased by the fantastic ability of the author to transmit the feelings. It may seem violent or too hard to read but is all part of the world where Medusa is destined to live in. It has really hard moments, some that even would classify as adult content, but they are well written and they are a good read.

One of the strongest points of the book is the battle occurring inside Medusa, there is a constant struggle between her good and bad side, and the tinniest step moves the balance to one side or the other. The love she has for Perseus makes her do horrible things, but is difficult to judge her. She has to face horrendous situations which make her a strong and willing woman but also alter her vision of good and evil.

Overall, it has a fast rhythm, good and well built characters and a fantastic and unexpected ending. If you like strong emotions, hard situations, strong characters, adult content and retellings, this book is for you. Overall, it has a fast rhythm, good and well development characters and a fantastic and unexpected ending.

If you like strong emotions, hard situations, strong characters, adult content and retellings, this book is for you.

(I received an ecopy from the author in exchange for an honest review).

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AVERSION - TOUR (Review, Guest Post & Giveaway)

Kenechi Udogu is one of my favorites writers so I'm pleased to welcome her and her new book.
Find out more about Aversion and how was to create the Averters.

Kenechi lives in London and enjoys writing fantasy/paranormal fiction and short stories (some of which she posts on her blog). She also hates the cold and hopes to one day figure out how to hibernate in winter.


For Gemma Green’s first time, things should have been straightforward.

Find your subject, hold their gaze and push a thought into their head to save them from future disaster – Aversion complete.
A pretty simple process given that the subject was to have no recollection of the experience.
But Russ Tannerdoesn’t seem to want to forget. In fact the more she tries to avoid him, the more he pushes to get to know her. Gemma knows she has a problem but is she facing the side effects of a failed Aversion or has the school’s tennis champ really fallen for her?


GUEST POST: Creating an Averter (by Kenechi Udogu).

 I have always been intrigued by the idea of parapsychology – basically, the study of psychological phenomena that defy physical explanation.  Clairvoyance, telekinesis, telepathy, psychokinesis, mindreading. Do these abilities really exist?  Does the human mind have far more potential than we give it credit for? I know a few people that sometimes have dreams that come to pass (some great and some not so good outcomes) so I don’t doubt that the mind is capable of conjuring up more than we are conscious of, however does this mean that it is possible to sense and/or control more than meets the human eye? The notion of psychics and empaths is a pretty old one but it is one that continues to fascinate humanity. Everyday people who can do so much more with their minds without the use of external influences? Someone please sign me up!
The concept of “thought aversion” came to me when I wondered what it would be like to possess a paranormal ability that could help others but still give them the freedom to mess up their lives – because let’s face it, one person can’t really expect to take on that much responsibility. Foreseeing the future was the obvious progression from there, but how would the characters be able to act on this in a fairly unique way? How would a lead character be able to manipulate situations to change the destinies of those around them without being singled out as abnormal?

At first I thought I’d call the character a Preventer, because that’s what I thought they’d be doing, preventing future events from happening. But it didn’t roll off my tongue when I said it out loud. So I crossed this out and scribbled down Mod (short for Modifier). Same principle but, again, this didn’t sit right with me. Then the name, Averter, popped into my head and I knew that was it. Once I wrote this down, I could tell that an Averter wouldn’t just prevent or modify situations, they could have so much more potential - if I wanted them to.

Our psychic/empath in Aversion is Gemma Green, a young girl who has the ability to see future dangers that will befall her assignees. She also possesses a further power that allows her to feed thoughts into people’s heads to stop them from carrying out the acts that would lead to said hazards. As the story progresses, we discover that Gemma’s abilities aren’t quite as straightforward as she thought they would be. In fact, she gets herself into a particularly sticky situation on her first attempt at an Aversion, which she has no clue how to get out of.

If I reveal more about what Averters do, I’ll probably give away too much of the storyline so I’ll stop here. But, what would you do if you wake up in a world where these psychological phenomena are the norm? Would you freak out and run for the hills? Or bask in the warm glow of the unknown? I certainly know what I’d do – let the basking begin.


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After reading the Beta version and the final one, I honestly can say that Aversion is an AMAZING paranormal story and the beginning of a great series.

Gemma is not like any other teenager. She is a fifteen-year-old girl with a tiny secret, she is an averter. If you are asking what that means is very simple, they try to alter people minds and change their choices when their facing some danger. (If you want a better explanation just read the book).

Things gets messy in her life when Russ, her first assignment, suddenly starts talking to her and keeps insisting in being her friend. And to make things worse, he is so freaking cute that Gemma can't help to like him.

Gemma is one of those sweet girls, trying to go unnoticed, accepting a fate that comes with a lot of rules. However, when she discovers secrets from the past and all her loves ones are in danger, a tough, brave woman comes to surface.

Russ is the perfect match for Gemma, not only is a tennis player (which in my language means cute body), he is so careless about what people think, funny and seems to take even the weirdest things with an strange calm. Some minor changes from the beta version make him even more loveable.

A fast pass book, with a lot of action, tears, a few breathtaking moments and some good twists. And my favorite part… The cherry on the cake… The end… What a good way to leave us waiting for book 2. An ending that broke my heart a little but also leave me with a big smile. It is a 50/50 situation (if you read the book you know what I mean).

The paranormal base in this book is pretty original with different kinds of people and different abilities. There some explanations left for the next book which is great because I think the series has a lot of potential to be GREAT.


As part of the blog tour, Kenechi will be giving a copy of one of her books, winner's choice.
You will have the opportunity to choose between a copy of THE OTHER SLIPPER or one of AVERSION.


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The Darkening Dream - Tour (Review & Giveaway)


The Darkening Dream is the chilling new dark fantasy novel by Andy Gavin, creator of Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter.

Even as the modern world pushes the supernatural aside in favor of science and steel, the old ways remain. God, demon, monster, and sorcerer alike plot to regain what was theirs.

1913, Salem, Massachusetts - Sarah Engelmann's life is full of friends, books, and avoiding the pressure to choose a husband, until an ominous vision and the haunting call of an otherworldly trumpet shake her. When she stumbles across a gruesome corpse, she fears that her vision was more of a premonition. And when she sees the murdered boy moving through the crowd at an amusement park, Sarah is thrust into a dark battle she does not understand.

With the help of Alex, a Greek immigrant who knows a startling amount about the undead, Sarah sets out to uncover the truth. Their quest takes them to the factory mills of Salem, on a midnight boat ride to spy on an eerie coastal lair, and back, unexpectedly, to their own homes. What can Alex's elderly, vampire-hunting grandfather and Sarah's own rabbi father tell them? And what do Sarah's continuing visions reveal?

No less than Gabriel's Trumpet, the tool that will announce the End of Days, is at stake, and the forces that have banded to recover it include a 900 year-old vampire, a trio of disgruntled Egyptian gods, and a demon-loving Puritan minister. At the center of this swirling cast is Sarah, who must fight a millennia-old battle against unspeakable forces, knowing the ultimate prize might be herself.



Andy Gavin is a serial creative, polymath, novelist, entrepreneur, computer programmer, author, foodie, and video game creator. He co-founded video game developer Naughty Dog and co-created Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter. He started numerous companies, has been lead programmer on video games that have sold more than forty million copies, and has written two novels including The Darkening Dream, a dark historical fantasy that puts the bite back in vampires.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just when you think you have read all about vampires, a book like The Darkening Dream comes and shakes your world. What a fantastic piece of writing and originality, full of suspense, excitement and most important, an incredible set of characters.

Sarah, a young girl from Salem, has to deal with a whole new world where vampires, sorceress, demons, angels, good and evil are very real and dangerous. A new boy in town will drag her and her friends on a quest to destroy a millenarian vampire. If you thought you knew all about Salem, you were wrong!

The Darkening Dream is a thrilling book that will keep you at the edge with its excellent writing style and the awesome characters. Sarah and Alex are great leaders and is easy to love everything about them, their humanity, bravery, compromise and love. Their interaction is was keeps the story moving, how they help each other to find out what’s going on, how each one brings a new fact to the problem, is amazing to read about them.

This is a story with really dark moments, with chapters that will give chills by how the adrenalin, the rush, the feelings, cross the pages and comes to life. A new look for a theme that may seem so common and wasted, this book is like a wave of fresh air. Every page brings a new surprise and you won’t will able to predict nothing!

The story moves really fast but in a natural way, with the perfect background of Salem in the early years of the twenty century. A time that is portrayed perfectly as well as the costumes, the religions, the manner people were supposed to act.

The end… what a way to end a perfect book! It’s good to read once in a while an ending that is totally unexpected, a conclusion that will leave you speechless and freezed.
1 Gift Card (U$S 50), 1 signed poster, 1 signed game and 4 bookmarks.





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Veil of Pearls - Review

Hi and Welcome! It's time for a new review.

Just so you know, I received a copy of this book from the Publisher via NETGALLEY.
Veil of Pearls
by MaryLu Tyndall
She thought she could outrun her past...
It is 1811, and the prosperous port city of Charleston is bustling with plantation owners, slaves and immigrants. Immigrants such as the raven-haired Adalia Winston. But Adalia has a secret: her light skin belies that she is part black and a runaway slave from Barbados. Skilled in herbal remedies, Adalia finds employment with a local doctor and settles into her quiet life, thankful for her freedom but still fearful that her owner will find her.

Born into one of Charleston's prominent families, Morgan Rutledge is handsome, bored—and enamored of the beautiful Adalia, who spurns his advances. Morgan's persistence, however, finally wins, and Adalia is swept into the glamorous world of Charleston high society.

But Adalia's new life comes at a high price—that of denying her heritage and her zeal for God. How far is she willing to go to win the heart of the man she loves? And when her secret is revealed, will that love be enough, or will the truth ruin Morgan and send Adalia back into slavery?


My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Veils of Pearls is a sweet romance set in a conflicted time. Where slavery was still common and the color of your skin determined who you were supposed to be and how you were supposed to act. An era of prejudices and pain for a lot of people.

Adalia is a runaway slave. Escaping from the clutches of an evil man she leaves Barbados and heads to Charleston. The color of her skin allows her to pass as a common woman and her future seem brighter until she meets Morgan. As a member of one of the wealthiest families, Morgan is part of a privileged circle. When Morgan decides to pursue Adalia, everything starts to tremble. They both are dealing with unknown feelings and with people who hates seeing them together.

This is a sweet and loving story, an innocent romance with two strong characters. Once the love flourishes between them, their lives are turn upside down and will have to face more than one obstacle. Adalia is a character you will love for her strength and kindness. And Morgan is one of those characters you love and hate, all at once, with actions that deserve a punch in the face and others that will melt your heart.

The story has a slow rhythm at times and as many romances some actions or events are a little predictable. However, the book gains some points for the funny and clever dialogues and the excellent representation of the historical time.

A thing that could disturb or dislike some readers is the uncountable references to God and the deep love Adalia has towards Him. In my opinion is just part of her personality and goes according to the way people were in that time, it just make her more real.

Overall, Veils of Pearls is a sweet romance, with some pros and cons, two great characters and the best finale.

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Tears for Nanertak - Review & Interview

Happy Saturday!!
2013 is going wonderful! Full of books and a lot of sun. Here in Uruguay we are in Summer so you can imagine that we are enjoying the beach and the long sunny days :)
Have fun and Happy reading :)
Tears for Nanertak
by Skip Hofstrand
What Happens When Your Home Disappears?
For most of us, it's hard to imagine our home vanishing. But for Nanertak, a polar bear cub, the melting of her Arctic homeland means that she has nowhere to live. She and her mother, Nanuck, are forced to escape. Their exit by iceberg is full of danger - the beginning of an incredible journey of survival. Many tears are shed along the way, but there is unexpected hope for Nanertak's future...along with a solution to the problem of her disappearing Arctic homeland.
Join Nanertak and Nanuck as they search for their new home in this beautiful story that is both educational and inspiring for children and adults alike.


1 - How was the experience of using water from the meltings on your illustrations?
Many years ago it became apparent to us (Steger Team) that the Arctic was changing in a dramatic fashion.. Visual proof is much more impactful than statistics and mathematics. Discussions with Inuit Elders also confirmed this ongoing change in their lives. .If you read my web site, you will understand how " special water" has been a core spiritual component of my watercolor painting when the melt was beyond natural reasons I had Will Steger collect some untimely melt water from the Greenland Ice Cap in 2003, knowing that I would be using it someday later in my watercolor art....that someday was in 2008-2010 when Global Warming was starting to unquestionably affect the Polar Bear. The story of Nanertak developed from these roots...fictionally non-fiction.

2 - What was your inspiration to write it?
The tale unfolded from 3 simple, repeating words. in the late winter of 2012.....".drip..drip..drip " ...which came to me as I was observing a melting isicle on a warm, sunny afternoon.The comparison to "tears" was a natural transition and suddenly the narrative was born..The art work followed easily once the narrative was completed since I had already done a large series of Global Warming watercolors the previous year so the color schemes were already formulated (the melt water discussed above was used in the color mixing and washes).
3 - How was the process of creating the illustrations? Some of them are very strong.
Besides classical style, I paint emotionally and spiritually and with meanings often hidden to the casual observer. Numenistic style brings all sorts of elements to the painting and often there are images produced I have not planned for but appreciate is part of this style. Color choices and specific design applications ( ex. sad faces on Polar Bears). are chosen for "mood" as much as for artistic reasons. In the book I attempted to blend the white of the pages,and the style and cadence of the narrative with the illustrations.
The narrative is "non -preachy" and non-technical regarding Global Warming as I believe it should be. It needs to be broached gently with our children....but needs to be broached.
4 - How was your experience on the expeditions? How have them help you with your art process?
Except for some early training expeditions I was not on the actual Expeditions themselves but stationed in a distant base camp.Will Steger long ago knew that I was not the type of person who could sit out a blizzard in a small tent for week(s) at a time so I gravitated to the Medical Director job.since I am A Board Cerified Emergency Physician. The job included ,among other things ,arranging evacuation routes, training all necessary personnel in emergency responses to anticipated problems., and being available for emergency problem solving and consultation 24/7. We even did some scientific research.I believe we have done over a dozen Expeditions to the Arctic and the Antarctic The Exporers were my eyes and ears on the Arctic and Antarctic environments and brought back pictures that I could paint from and special water. The direct observations from our team have always been more impactful to me than the sometimes contentious discussions about scientific facts although being a scientist ,as well ,I resonate to those type observations and calculations as well..
5 - What are your goals with this series?
I am expecting to achieve, first and foremost, a wonderful Children's Picture Book tale that can be read to children by their parents or school teachers (or by themselves) that is enjoyable in its own right. Special enough that adults will also read it with interest..I desire my art to produce an....Ah...Ha its quality as well.

6 - Why do you think is important to create conscious about Global Warming in the children?
There is obviously another aspect which incorporates the likelihood that this book can open discussion(s) about very necessary topics in Global Warming and its consequences for all aspects of of Earth Community , with our children , who are our only real hope for changing policies and directions in the future. Our present adult generation, for whatever reason, has lost the ability to truly LISTEN WITH RESPECT to each other and thereby end up with knee jerk positioning and ego determined positions that are impossible to reach consensus on. I see a different type of communicative style in our youth who are more willing to listen and come to compromise and consensus esp with regard to important issues....therein is my hope for our future....if this is "pie in the sky" make mine Lemon.

7 - How many more books are you planing to write about Nanertak?
Their will be two more books in Nanertak's Trilogy.....the second is on the board now...


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tears For Nanertak is a wonderful children book with a powerful and meaningful message, which adults and kids will love equally. A great statement about a problem affecting our society and our world but what is more a severe situation that threats nature and all the helpless animals.

Their house is disappearing and they have to run away in order to find a new home. Nanertak and her mother are suffering the consequences of someone else's actions. A journey full of danger will lead them to a very kind and a big-hearted captain. As any other children book the happy ending is present to give hope.

The ilustrations are so powerful that you can feel each emotion, each feeling. The author has the ability to capture the essence of the danger, the desperation, the sadness, the fear and the happiness going through the characters.

This is a fantastic book to share with our families and friends. Children should read it because they are the future and the hope for a change and adults too because kids will need guide to truly make a difference.

I have to thank the author for sending me a copy of the book for review purposes.

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The Forbidden Trilogy - Tour (Review & Interview)

Hi and Welcome to

(Go to: Innovative online booktours to find the next stops).

The Forbidden Trilogy by Kimberly Kinrade is an excellent YA paranormal reading. In this special edition you will find the three books in the series and a few extras!
I'm really proud of being part of the Street Team, you can check my page about it to find out more about the books and how to get the books!  GO HERE.


Kimberly Kinrade was born with ink in her veins and magic in her heart. She writes fantasy and paranormal stories for children, YA and adults and still believes in magic worlds. Check out her YA paranormal novels Forbidden Mind and Forbidden Fire and her illustrated children's fantasy chapter books Lexie World, and Bella World, all on Amazon.
She lives with her three little girls who think they're ninja princesses with super powers, her two dogs who think they're humans and her husband, also known as the sexy Russian Prince, who is the love of her life and writing partner.

Paranormal teens with unimaginable powers.A secret organization with deadly intentions.

When Sam, a girl who reads minds, meets Drake, a boy who controls minds, they discover their lives aren't what they thought.
Together, they must escape their fate and free their friends, before they lose everyone they love.

This special edition omnibus includes the entire Forbidden Trilogy--Forbidden Mind, Forbidden Fire and Forbidden Life, as well as extensive bonus content.
Meet the author in an in-depth Q&A, get to know your favorite characters better, enjoy never-before-revealed interlude scenes and so much more.

* RUTH: What was your inspiration to write THE FORBBIDEN TRILOGY? 
KIMBERLY: The concept for the book first came to me in a dream many years ago about a girl named Sam who could read minds and was raised in a secret school and rented out as a spy to the rich and powerful. I made a few notes about my dream and put it away for a long time, then pulled it out last fall when I wanted an idea for a short story. 
It obviously didn't stay just a short story, and so Forbidden Mind, the first draft, was written in a week. The world developed quite a bit from there as I thought about how something like Rent-A-Kid would have been created and what the bigger plans for something like that would be. Each book in the series expanded the world and the characters, and now that the last book in the trilogy is out, it's clear that these three books only reflected a small bit of the world that wants to be created.
So next year my husband, Dmytry Karpov, and I will be writing a new trilogy, The Fallen Trilogy, that expands this world with a new plotline, new cast of characters, and some favorites from the Forbidden Trilogy as well. It's a standalone series from Forbidden, but fans of Forbidden will really enjoy the new direction of this spin-off trilogy, I hope!
* RUTH: How long did it take you to write them?
KIMBERLY: The whole trilogy was written and published in about a 12 month period, but I had 5 children's chapter books come out in that time as well.  The first version of Forbidden Mind took me a week. Forbidden Fire took a few weeks, with the bulk of it written in one very intense weekend and Forbidden Life took a month.
* RUTH: Was it easy to imagine all the different abilities the characters have?
KIMBERLY: Yes. It played like a movie in my head as I wrote.
* RUTH: Do you have a favorite character? Which one?
KIMBERLY: Lucy and Hunter are my favorite characters, though I also love Father Patrick and Beleth.
* RUTH: And do you have a character you don’t like? Or someone whose choices you don’t approve?
KIMBERLY: There are many characters whose choices I didn't like. Mary, Steele, Simmons, the horrible doctor in Forbidden Mind… Mr. Black. Steele is probably the one I least liked. And maybe Simmons.
* RUTH: If you could choose only one character, what character would you like to be? Why?
KIMBERLY: Lucy. She can tell when people are lying (which is something I would LOVE to be able to do), she's a computer hacker and martial arts expert and I love her spunk! Plus, she gets Hunter! J
* RUTH: After writing the 3 books, there is anything you would like to change about any of them?
KIMBERLY: Oh, I'm sure there is. I try not to think too hard about that, otherwise I'd be constantly revising and never moving forward with the next book. Overall, I'm proud with how they turned out and I look forward to my future and present projects.
* RUTH: Would you like to turn THE TRILOGY into movies?
KIMBERLY: Of course! There are two producers sniffing around, but I need to write up film treatment for the books. I just need about 100 more hours in my day! lol
* RUTH: I know you have probably already answered this but, what special power would you like to have and why?
KIMBERLY: I'd love to be able to fly, and to tell when people are lying. Also, telekinesis would be really cool, but only if it came with an overactive metabolism, because if I could move stuff with my mind I might never move my body again. lol
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
The Forbidden Trilogy is an amazing rollercoaster of emotions, action, secrets and a bunch of great characters. This edition includes Forbidden Mind, Forbidden Fire and Forbidden Life, plus some bonus. This is the perfect time to be introduced in a fabulous world. The trilogy is way too exciting and will catch you since the first sentence.

The Forbidden Trilogy is the story of Sam and Drake, two characters that will fight until the end to bring down a powerful organization, which only purpose is to keep supernatural teenagers away from the world and exploit them for their own benefit. This is a story about love, friendship, redemption, forgiveness, accept ourselves, fight for what’s right and always try to do our best.

In Forbidden Mind, Sam starts to doubt her surroundings once she meets Drake, a sexy boy who was kidnapped by Rent-A-Kid (the evil organization where she and her friends grew up). The life she has known was built over a mountain of secrets and hidden intentions. When the bigger picture is revealed in front of her eyes, she will fight with everything in her to free her and everyone she loves. Forbidden Fire presents a runaway Sam with Drake by her side, trying to find allies and ways to free their friends. Lucy has a bigger role and a alongside a group of rebels will try to stand a fight, lets just say that things will get messy. Forbidden Life is the perfect finale. With a lot of blood, sweat and tears the good guys are doing everything in their power to end the hell where they have been living, with new characters, new alliances, new discoveries, new powers and the most evil man in the world.

This trilogy is excellent written, from the plot up to the characters' personalities, Kimberly made a great job creating a universe where paranormal kids are real and their emotions and lifes seem real for us. With an interesting idea, solid to say the least, The Forbidden Trilogy makes us love the paranormal and most of characters.

All the characters (Sam, Drake, Lucy and Luke, Hunter, Mary, Steele, Father Patrick, Brad just to name a few) are tridimensional, with personalities well defined, feelings and thoughts that make them real. Each action and word causes different reactions in the reader, which makes these books very powerful. The love, hate, friendship and each feeling going through the pages is so intense that you are often left speechless and with your heart racing.

It also has a dark side that makes it even better. There are countless strong and hard moments, with a lot of suffering, sometimes involving blood, chases, explosions or merely words, making this a very mature writing piece.

I honestly can say that the three books felt shorter (more than 1500 pages according to my e-reader) they were so engaging, electrifying, and impossible to put down. I ended up wanting more and in love with a few of the characters.
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