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Blind to Men - Review

Happy Friday!
I'm still waiting the end of the world :) However, I'm so happy we are still here... let us read, dance and have fun all day long.

Today I have a new review. I won this one a few months ago in a giveaway, I decided to read it yesterday and it's so short that only took me a few hours to read it.

Blind to Men
by Chris Lange

The day has come for Anya to reclaim her life. Protected by an Amazon, she must go to legendary Palance, the city of her dreams.
She has to leave her home without even knowing she was cursed at birth.
She is blind to men. She can’t see them, and they can’t see her.
Except one.

(for readers +18 or younger who like this genre).


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Even if you are not a fan of this genre you should read this book. It has a beautiful prose and a really good story.

Blind to Men is the story of Anya, a girl who has been cursed by an evil witch. She cannot see or hear about men, which leads for her to think she goes deaf at times.

When Kylor comes to take her to the palace, her life is put upside down. During their journey she will discover a lot of about her past, the curse and what it has to be done to break it. Side by side with Kylor she will discover a world of passion and pleasure.

Anya is so adorable, funny, curious, everything about her is lovely. She may seem like a naive girl, but she is also really strong and willing.

Just imagine the posibility of not being able to see men and hear about them is really funny and Chris makes an excellent work creating this world of fantasy that never cease to amuse you. There were a lot of moments that made me laugh almost to tears because Anya's reactions and dialogues are too funny.

Like I say, even if you are not a fan of the genre, the eroticism in the book is well used, is never tacky and is wonderfully written.

A short story with great characters that surely will put a smile on your face.

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