Thursday, October 4, 2012


Today I welcome to Shanae Branham, the author of DiSemblance. She is letting us know her dream cast for the book.
If DiSemblace was picked to be made into a movie these would be the actors and actresses Shanae would like to see in her characters's skin.

Jason Tanner:
I would choose Shia LaBeouf, because he has an inner strength that lends well with being shy. I can see Boston being fascinated with his innocence. I also don’t think he would back down. He would make all of the hard choices Jason has to make seem natural.

Boston Komen:
I would choose Emma Watson, because she has a seductive shyness about her. I see her being very mischievous and a rebel behind closed doors. That is why she takes all the pictures.

Bruce Durante:

I would choose Denzel Washington. Okay, he might be a little older than my character in the book, but he can focus with an intensity that won’t let go. I can see him breaking the rules to catch the killer, while being soft with Lisa. He tells it like it is and doesn’t back down. I really like that about him.

Lisa Taylor-Durante: I would choose Tyra Banks. I see her as a reporter with the type of flair of sophistication that gets the people she meets to open up and trust her.


Thanks Shanae for the post!

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