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Penthouse Man - Review

by Kea Noli.

Controversial Novella.

A socialite lives in a world of fantasy as she controls her husband—the Penthouse Man—and her sister.
Stephanie loves the world of fantasy. Trix loves the real world.
The sisters battle for control of a lingerie company, for pajamas and lingerie . . . and for the Penthouse Man. Reality catches up when Trix reads a letter that destroys Stephanie's power. Trix loves her sister's husband—the Penthouse Man.
He is nowhere to be seen but his presence is felt everywhere.

Controversy: A sister is in love with her sister’s husband.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Penthouse Man is a fast and entertaining drama that you will read in a sit. This book is intriguing from the start, has some turns that surprise you and also has great characters.

Stephanie and Trixie (also known as Trix) are two sisters that work for the same company. Something peculiar is that Stephanie’s husband is the Company’s director. Despite that because of the book description it may seem that the main topic is that Trix is in love with her sister’s husband but the most important things are the characters personalities and the tension between them. And also to find out why they are doing what they are doing :)

Trix is one of those characters that you have to read more than one page to really get to know her and one that evolves as the book moves on. By the way she acts around others and her dialogues you ended up feeling her as a real person and maybe understanding some of her choices.

Stephanie…. Well, she is more than a spoiled rich woman. She is a bit selfish and one of those who only care about image and what people think of her (at least for me).

The husband, Vell, is named along the book and finally appears at the end of the book. He is relevant to the story but his actions are not the main attraction.

The other characters are: the cousins, the mother and a couple detectives. They all are great additions and have some funny dialogues.
What I love the most was that it has a lot of dialogues. It almost seem like you were seeing a play or watching a movie. Dialogues are a great way of getting to know the motivation behind the characters actions. I think that otherwise, it would have been difficult to really understand them at all.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Bohemia - New Review :)

by Veronika Carnaby.


In her debut novel, Veronika Carnaby picks up where the Beat Generation left off. Set in 1960, Bohemia chronicles a group of twenty-somethings who defy the "ideals" of a mid-twentieth century society to seek creative fulfillment.
In the process, they spotlight the creative path that artists of all mediums tread, all the while depicting the challenges faced by youth in the decade that changed the world.


My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Bohemia is basically the story of a group of people living their twenties in the ‘60s. Valerie is the main character of this story about a time that changed the world and the society. A time where society values were put on the table to decide where the world was heading to; a moment in time that defined everything that came later. This is about a group of people, which redefined the important things in life and opened the door to all the difference out there.

A well written book that shows us a place and time that made the difference. If you love the spirit, ideals and all that leaded the ‘60s generation you should read this book. This is a book with a prose that really shows the love of the author for this era and where you can see the poet within Veronika.

The characters and landscaping are well described and you really feel you are getting to know the people, the places and their lives.
The book makes a good job picturing the whole world around the characters and really captures the essence of those years, but I think that the book has few dialogues for my taste. I always get to know characters through their dialogues and interaction with others, in this one I think I get to know Valerie but not the other characters. Maybe the most important thing in this book is the story itself and not really the people in it. In that case I really get the main idea of the book.

Overall this is a well written book that proves why Veronika is an awarded writer.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Unconventional Life of Jenna Jaghe - Review

I recieved a copy of this one from the author!

by Victoria Ward.

A laugh out loud diary about a woman who defines mishaps! Jenna Jaghe will have you cringing in your skin, whilst laughing your pants off at the same time!  Women everywhere will be able to relate to the often awkward and embarrassing antics of Jenna, her friends and her crazy mother and granny.

Jenna finds herself pregnant, alone and dumped at age 32 but hey at least she has her friends and mother to keep her on the sane path, yeah right! Jenna has to regain her dignity after the humiliation of an affair and find her fight and strength to come to terms with the fact that she will be raising her baby alone, something which she had never planned and she has to do all this whilst keeping her wedding shop business afloat and convincing her mother not to set up desperate dating profiles on the internet on her behalf!

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jenna is a woman in her thirties who just has found out that she is pregnant and that her boyfriend is cheating on her. If you think nothing else could go wrong well let me say that is just the beginning. A hilarious book that will introduce you into the mind of a peculiar woman.
Written like a journal, the book tells the nine month of pregnancy of Jenna (well, actually less because she found out that she was expecting in her 18th week). It has a rough start because it seems only a list of event or thoughts that help to set you in the time and place.

Luckily when she discovers that is expecting a child and dumps her boyfriend, the fun begings. Of course, if you are not too fond of English humor you may not like it that much. But I love the irony, the black humor and the laugh of the bad sides of life.

Jenna is a curious character; you don’t know if you like her, hate her or just feel sorry for her. There are situations when I was wondering if she was for real or how can anybody act like this. But I ended up loving her and eager to see how thing would work out. However, there were times where I wonder if she was really 32 because her character has really childish attitudes, but let’s blame the pregnancy.

Sarah has serious issues. I mean… I know that a bad childhood can leave big sequels but she is really damaged. And Jenna’s mother is one of the most hideous persons in the world. The worst part is that she feels real, you can picture her and I know that there is people out there just like her.
This is a fun, fast and original book. If you enjoy sarcasm, irony, and a different story you may want to give this book a chance.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Caregiver - Review

It's time for the review for the first book on a series written by Astrid Cruz a.k.a.  "Artistikem".
It is a short book (only 56 pages in my pdf file) so if you feel like it give it a chance.

THE CAREGIVER (The Caregiver, #1)
by Astrid Cruz
FROM GOODREADS.Scarlett Lang always dreamt of becoming an Interpol agent. When her hard work pays off and she's given the chance to work as an undercover agent with London's biggest drug lord, Armand Sayer, she can't help being ecstatic about it.

She's employed by Armand's sister (to aid in his recovery from a gun attack) as both caregiver and bodyguard. Her resourcefulness in both areas helps her win much more than Armand's trust, to the dismay of both his right-hand man and her ex-boyfriend / colleague.

As she makes her way into the business she swore to help tear down, she's faced with the dilemma of choosing between being loyal to her profession or her heart. And we all know it can't be both.
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My rating: 3.5/5

A fast and interesting book that will introduce you in a world of undercover agents and criminals like you have never seen before. This is the first one on a series that has a lot of potential.
The Caregiver is the story of Scarlett, an Interpol agent who has to be the caregiver of an important Drug Dealer. During her mission, her loyalties will be tested and her heart will be put at stake.

Scarlett is an interesting character; she is a strong woman with a strong personality. I think there is so much of her to see and her character is one of those who will evolve as the series moves on.

One of the best things was to read about the relationship between Scarlett and Armand (Mr. Sayer), to see how it evolve and see where it headed. At first I didn’t could figure out how they feel about each other but after a few pages their feelings are better described and you see what is going on.

The business world (which means the criminal world) is a good background; the bad guys are a good addition and some of them are really bad-asses. And all the secondary characters are interesting in their own way.

After we discover who is who, the story takes off. Is full of action and you can’t help to read it in one sit. And with a remarkable ending, not only leaves you waiting for the second book but also the scenes are well described and you can picture them in your head in detail.

Overall, a well written book, with good characters, a lot of potential to be a great series and with an ending that leaves you wanting for more.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Lunangelique - Review (Amazing book)

Lunangelique is the first of a series of book written by Kristin R. Campbell.
I received a copy of it from the author and now I'm waiting for the second because the book it's a really good book.
If you like YA, paranormal, and ??? and hot guys this book is for you!
Lunangelique (Lunangelique #1)
by Kristin R. Campbell.

For Alexis and Alex life has been great. They have loving parents, great friends and live a life every teenager dreams.
However, they are adopted and Alexis struggles with wanting to know who their real parents are and not wanting to hurt her adopted parents.
Then, a stunning guy moves across the street from them.
One who has a secret past and seems to know things about Alexis. One who does mysterious things and leads her to other mysterious persons. One who pushes her to discover her extraordinary birth family and the truth between mythology and religion.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lunangelique is one of those books that once you start to read you can't stop! A fast reading, with some funny situations, an interesting story and a lovely romance this book also has the perfect ending to leave you wanting for more. This book might seem similar to other stories but it has some points on its favor that makes it unique. It has some clever twists and a fast rhythm which is perfect for those who love a good rush of emotions.

Alexis (Lexi) is a 17-year-old girl, in her senior year, intelligent, athletic and a bit of an artist. Alex, her twin brother, is more intelligent that most kids. As most twins they are very close and complement each other. They are two outgoing kids, with a group of friends that are having fun as any other teenager.

When a hot guy becomes their new neighbor everything in Lexi’s life is put upside down. Cole will bring a new Lexi to the surface and will help her undiscovered her past and also will introduce her in a new world. A world where the unthinkable is true, a place where mythology is more than just part of the History books.

The characters have their highs and lows. Cole is amazing, I totally adore him specially because is very different to most boys in YA novels. He is possessive sometimes but not in an extreme way. He takes care of Lexi in a natural way and he isn’t the one pushing the situation.
Lexi is a really strong girl. She is not afraid of speaking her mind and, in my opinion, is her personality what put her in danger. She is annoying sometimes, especially when she is mad at Cole. She is frontal all the time but when she is upset she acts like a 5-year-old.

The rest of the cast is a good complements. The bad guys (that you wouldn’t picture as the bad ones) have scary personalities. Lexi’s friends are a bunch of sweet girls but only Kaitlyn has a bit of relevance. Edmund… what to say about him? He is an interesting character. At the end of the book we see a side of him that I personally didn’t like, he seems like one of those characters that I will end up hating.

The story behind Lexi and Alex biological parents is simple to understand. When you use this kind of elements to create the background you always always run the risk of only add more facts and names that will confuse the reader. However, Kristin does a great job uniting few elements and creating a good solid plot, simple to understand but really interesting to read.

It has a great ending, one that will bring tears to your eyes and will leave you waiting for the next book.

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Breaking the Devil's Heart - Review

H.A. Goodman was kind enough to send me a copy of his book to review.  THANKS to him for the book :)

About the book...
The first thing I noticed was the cover. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!  I love graffitis and this one has all the elements of a great piece of graffiti artwork. The blurb sounded really interesting so I decided to give it a try.

About the review...
I always write my reviews minutes after I'm done with the book. I like to have all my thoughts about it fresh in my mind and to have all the emotions, sensations, feelings still running all over my head.
But with this one, I needed to take my time before starting to putting my opinion into words. Don't get me wrong! It wasn't because I didn't like it or because it was bad. On the contrary, this book really left me wondering about some things and there were moments that triggered some strong emotions in me. I don't mind admitting that it even brought tears to my eyes and that some pages were hard to read.

Well, lets stop the chatter for now and let's get to the review.


Breaking the Devil's Heart: A Logic of Demons Novel (Logic of Demons #2).
by H.A. Goodman.

When Stewart and Layla recruit a demon to spy on the Devil, their decision takes them on whirlwind ride through the afterlife.
Journey alongside this young couple in H. A. Goodman’s new novel, Breaking the Devil’s Heart, and join forces with a teenage Angel outcast to bankrupt Satan's underground Company and save Heaven from civil war.
H. A. Goodman's Breaking the Devil’s Heart is a rollercoaster afterlife experience that tests a young couple's love, their grasp on reality, and the essence of human nature.
What happens when Stewart and Layla tour Hell’s Marketing Department and Stock Exchange? What happens when their relationship is tested by Satan?
This book is unlike anything you’ve ever read, or ever thought the afterlife might be like.
Breaking the Devil’s Heart is an enlightening look into an alternate world, a new afterlife, and a profound journey inside the human conscience.




My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you could choose between Heaven and Hell for spend the eternity, what would you choose? If all the good and bad things you do in life will determine where you will spend eternity, would you think beforehand every action? Would you like to know what Heaven and Hell are like?

Breaking the Devil's Heart is a novel that takes you deep down the human essence and tries to find the source of human kindness and/or evilness. An intelligent approach to human behavior, to the causes of who we are as a race and to some atrocities which are part of our History.

Stewart and Layla are two Observers trying to find an antidote for “The Formula” (something that demons have been selling to humans). With an elaborate plan to bring down Satan’s company, the two of them will set in a journey full of discoveries about human nature and about themselves. In the course of their journey they will meet all of the different beings that inhabit the afterlife (angels and all). In an afterlife where demons trade with souls and deal with them like a stockbroker would deal with shares, Stewart finds himself trying to comprehended The Company, how The Formula works and a way to change the way things are.

The characters are well described, but in my opinion, the story itself overshadows them. The concept of what lays in the bottom of our actions is bigger than anything. How humans can hurt each other in ways sometimes unspeakable and how a person can find the strength to face the most horrendous situations is a topic that may seem overwhelming. However, Goodman does an excellent job writing and transmitting, through his book and the different scenarios, all that is necessary to understand this world.

The book is intriguing, not only because all the Hell and Heaven thing, but also because the writing style and the phrases that open every chapter. Also, it never lacks action and things take a 180 degree turn from page to page. Every time you may think you figure something out a new twist comes and everything is upside down.

If you enjoy books that take you on a ride in a rollercoaster of emotions, a book that make you question yourself, with a well-built background and with a different approach to a theme common to all of us, this book is for you.

Thursday, October 11, 2012



Today,  Sweetest Taboo by Eva Márquez is officially out :)
The lovely Eva has kindly provided me with a copy of her book, which I already reviewed here on the blog. You can see my full review HERE.

I'm so excited about this release because is a great book and it truely deserves an opportunity from all of you out there.

And as part of the release party I'm having on my blog I bring you a special interview with Eva and also a surprised.
Just a quick fact, Sweetest Taboo is about the relationship between a student and her teacher, there's a lot more in the story but I want you to read it. .

Today I bring you a letter from the teacher involved in this controversial subject. Tom (the teacher of the story) wrote a short letter explaining his side of the story. You should read it because is amazing :)

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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, daughter of European immigrants, Eva Márquez has spent most of her life outside of her home country. At the age of five, Eva accompanied her parents to the United States, where the family settled permanently. After graduating from university, she went on to complete graduate studies in International Relations in Spain. Eva received her Master of International Studies degree from the University of Sydney and went on to work in the global health field in Sub Saharan Africa and South East Asia. Eva currently resides in Southern Africa with her young daughter.



ME: If you have to describe Sweetest Taboo in just one sentence what would you say?
EVA: Sweetest Taboo is a controversial story about how a teacher and student can keep their romance a secret, even under intense scrutiny, and manage to fall madly in love.

ME: Why you decided to write Sweetest Taboo? And what was your inspiration for writing it?
EVA: I grew up as an immigrant in a lower-to-middle class Southern California suburb. So I tapped into that experience in ‘Sweetest Taboo’, which chronicles the love affair between a young Hispanic schoolgirl and her much older, married teacher. I drew from my experiences growing up to develop several plot ideas. Romantic experiences are universal. Provocative, illicit and risqué contexts do not take away from the experience of love, and that’s what this debut book sets out to communicate.
I was also intrigued by the news of one of my former teachers being convicted of [sexual] misconduct with a minor. Since I can remember, I have always been fascinated by similar stories making the news, but like many people, wondered about how these relationships originate and how they flourish under the radar. In Sweetest Taboo, I got to unravel one of these clandestine relationships, one exciting page at a time.

ME: How long did it take you to write Sweetest Taboo?
EVA: Once I outlined the story, which took me about two weeks, I dedicated all of my free to time to writing. All in all, Sweetest Taboo took me approximately 6 months to write. Keep in mind, though, that I was working full-time and living in Nigeria at the time, so I dedicated evenings and weekends to the book. I must admit that the writing of the book was the easy part, whereas the editing was the more complicated and time-consuming aspect. It took me years to massage the original draft to a point where I was comfortable sharing it with an editor for professional editing.

ME: Did you ever feel uncomfortable with the controversies in your book as you were writing and developing the plots?
EVA: Not at all! Some of the best books I have read, and those I have enjoyed the most, are fiction BUT they delve into controversial topics (i.e. arranged marriages, under-age ‘selling’ of girls, sex work, homosexuality, child abuse, etc.). Perhaps I am most intrigued by controversial topics because of the controversy around them and the strong opinions that we see in the news, on television and on social media outlets. For instance, this whole ‘Chick Fil-A’ issue and homosexuality is very intriguing because people have strong opinions about it.

What I enjoy the most, is understanding more about the social act that is considered ‘controversial’ and understanding it as a cultural or human condition or learning why that ‘act’ exists in our society, or how it unfolds. That is exactly what I tried to do with ‘Sweetest Taboo’. I wanted to delve deeply into a controversial topic we have seen on the news quite a bit and that hit close to home in my high school (years after I graduated) and unearth just how these relationships can develop, how they can blossom into something beautiful in the face of such opposition and scrutiny. In ‘Sweetest Taboo’, I made every attempt to present the perspective of a young teen completely ‘in crush’ with her coach and develop that relationship as I sincerely believed it had the potential to unfold. I never felt uncomfortable about the direction in which the story was taking, especially since I was working off of a very detailed and pre-conceived outline.

ME: Do you believe that true love could exist in this type of situation?
EVA: Some people may not think 'true love' is possible or even sustainable for any amount of time, regardless of who is involved. I, however, believe that it really depends on the individuals who are in the relationship. Things such as age, maturity, communication skills, combined with trust play a huge part in any relationship, and I suspect that maturity and communication really are the key ingredients. There have been a few stories in the news regarding student/teacher relationships that have appeared to be based on true love, as sordid as the circumstances may have been. The LeTourneau case comes to mind, a woman who was impregnated by one of her sixth grade students, went to prison for seven years, and maintained an emotional relationship with the boy until she was released from prison, only to marry him years later and have a second child!

I would imagine the problem with sustaining a relationship of this type is the secrecy involved. The teacher could never speak of it to anyone for fear of arrest and incarceration, how terrible that must feel to have a secret such as this, never to be able to share his or her love with anyone. Then there is the student who would most likely confide in someone they thought they could trust with their secret. Once that happens, and I am sure this is how most relationships of this type are exposed...the cat is out of the bag. The relationships that are exposed turn into media events where the teacher is usually prosecuted and the student is portrayed as a victim, regardless of age or circumstance. I realize these relationships are illegal and uncommon, but I do believe some could work if they are truly based on love and mutual respect.

ME: Your bio includes extensive travel. Have you witnessed similar situations in other countries that contributed to your book?
EVA: Yes and no. Every country is completely different and I can’t make a blanket statement about my travels. But, I have lived in countries where it was customary for an uncle or older relative to deflower his niece/s as they came of age; another country where grown men raped infants because they thought they would be cured of AIDS; and places where young girls have at least one or two ‘sugar daddies’ who serve to support their material needs (i.e. school fees, books, supplies, clothing, food and shelter, etc.). Some of Isabel’s maturity and level-headedness was inspired by young women I met in places like Nigeria, Botswana, South Africa and Lesotho. Although the story is strictly about a Hispanic teenager in a Los Angeles suburb, there are elements interwoven in the story that were inspired by my international travel and experiences.

ME: Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?
EVA: all throughout high school I harbored not-so-secret crushes on several of my male teachers. Although I know it would be totally wrong, and I would have never had the courage to pursue any of them, it would have been exhilarating to have been able to kiss one of them.

ME: Do you know someone who had an affair with a teacher?
EVA: Yes and no. I know of people in my high school who were seeing some of the teachers at school. In fact, one of them actually married one of our teachers after she graduated! However, I did not ‘know’ them as friends or acquaintances, rather, I knew of them, knew who they were, and heard the rumors. The only one story that can be somewhat verified is of the girl who married one of our teachers after graduating. As for the others, they were rumors and I will likely never know if there was any truth to those rumors.

ME: What do you want readers to know about your books/s and writing?
EVA: Because my books deal with controversial topics, cross and intersect genres and do not fit into neat little boxes, I ask my readers to be prepared for the journey. My novels are not for everyone and those who are disturbed and bothered by stories that push the envelope or challenge societal norms would likely not find my literary work appealing. So in essence, this is a bit of a warning to potential readers and/or followers. I do not intend on writing for all audiences, as that is almost impossible to do. What I can and have committed myself to doing is writing about what I know, writing about my own contexts, environments and experiences and pushing those to the limits to create controversial stories that inspire people to perhaps think out of the box.

To my future readers and followers I also say, thank you! For every reader and follower I have, I am that much more enthused to write and develop characters that challenge our existing comfort levels and perceptions. I would also ask any future readers or followers to contact me if they have any questions about anything I have written, or about my future work. Many of my ideas for character development and plots come from discussions I have with friends, colleagues or people I’ve met casually at a lounge, bar or book store!

ME: What can you tell us about the next book? What is going to be about?
EVA: Although Sweetest Taboo was intended to be a stand-alone novel, I realized that there was so much more to tell. Tainted Love is the sequel to Sweetest Taboo, which will be released on March 5, 2013. I’m busy finalizing Tainted Love, which is Book 2 of the Sweetest Taboo Saga. In a few weeks I will seek input from readers by way of polls/contests that will inform the final cover art for Tainted Love and a lucky winner will also have the privilege of naming one of the main characters in Book 2. Readers can expect to pick up where they left off and find out what happened to Isabel and Tom’s relationship. Complex and somewhat disturbing revelations, controversy, and definitely some tears are in store for readers!

Thanks Eva for such a wonderful interview!

Letter for readers from TOM STEVENS.
Dear Readers,

I suppose many of you might have comments or even unanswered questions that you would like to ask me, given the opportunity to do so. With that said,  I would like to take this brief moment in time to at least try to partly explain “my side of the story”, and what my thoughts were as to the decisions I made so many years ago.

I would like to start by saying, you don’t always have a choice with whom you truly fall in love with. For those of you who would like to argue the point, well, all I can say is…have you really ever been in LOVE? I am not talking infatuation, dependency, or that you have been with someone for such a long time you are “used” to them and you wouldn’t know how to live without them in your life. I am talking about the type of love that you KNOW, that you FEEL in every fiber of your soul, a feeling of comfort, of being “at home”  in the arms of that person, knowing if you never saw them again, you would continue to love them unconditionally with all of your heart for the rest of your life? This is how I felt about Isabel, don’t ask me why…because I can not explain, it is just how it was, how it is, and how I feel.

The first time I saw Isabel from afar, I felt a connection. I don’t know why I should have felt anything at all, as she was just one of thousands of students I have seen on campus over the years. But there was something there, I know, you may be saying “but she was only 15”. I didn’t look at Isabel as an “age” or anything else, I just felt a connection of some sort…it was that simple. I didn’t see her until the following year on the swim team, where as you have read, I got to know her quite well. I NEVER set out to seduce her; it was quite the opposite as she flirted and made relentless advances by being near me every chance she could. Eventually things happened (against my better judgment I might add) as we got to know each other, as we fell in love with each other, and as we dreamed of a life together.

I will always say that Isabel was never a “school girl”, she was never an “age”, and she was never anyone I pursued. She just appeared in my life at that particular moment in time, and while the relationship that developed between us was strong, it only became stronger as time went on. To you, the reader, know that I love Isabel with all of my heart, with all of my soul, and with every fiber of my being. It can and will never be any other way for me. This I know.  

~ Tom Stevens

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Man With the Green Suitcase - Review

HI! October has been good so far. I've been having a lot of time to read between classes, family and all my work for college. I hope you are all having a good time :)
Today I bring a new review. Thanks to the author Dee Doanes who asked me to review her book and provided me with a copy of it!
The Man With the Green Suitcase
by Dee Doanes.

What does...
A prostitute,
A corrupt businessman, and a disfigured young woman

Have in common with a mysterious, old homeless man who carries a green suitcase? 
The old man comes into people’s lives because it is important for them to experience the visions that he is somehow able to show them—visions that even he doesn’t understand. But whoever he connects with will go through a transformation that will change the course of their life, for better or worse. The old man has no memory of who he is or even what the suitcase holds. But one day he will find out all about his own secret and dark past… 
This story is magical realism, realistic with paranormal elements, a mystery that needs to be solved, and a man and woman who will finally realize that they were meant to come into each other’s lives and remain forever.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The man with the green suitcase is a great mystery book. It also has the ingredients to be a great fantasy or paranormal novel with a bit of romance to make it even more interesting. A well written book with a solid background. The book presents us a story about redemption, forgiveness, self-discovery and the kind of people we want to be.

The man with the green suitcase doesn’t remember anything about his past. He just wanders around the city carrying nothing more than his suitcase. Gerald is a compulsive worker, with some secrets about shady business and a corrupt partner. And then we have Valerie, an escort with a life she hates.

Gerald, Valeria and the old man are the main characters. Their lives start to intertwine step by step from a starting point different for each one. Is really interesting to read about how their paths end up being one. Each character has a baggage over his shoulders, a past they are trying to run away from. However, being honest about it and forgiving themselves they welcome their new selves. Each secrete that is revealed helps to heal wounds from the past.

The secondary characters, Lee and Chantal are great. Chantal is a very disturbed girl and reading about her make me felt sad. Lee is a powerful character because is one of the best people in the world, generous, loving and with a big heart.

I love the writing style of Dee. She has the ability of really transmit the emotions and to create a world so sad at some points but so hopeful at others. With different points of view we can have a wide sight of the story.

The man with the green suitcase is one of those books that leave you questioning yourself. It makes you reconsider your values and ask yourself what is important in life. It totally deserves a chance from all readers out there.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Dead(ish) - New Review

Happy Monday! A new week has started and it's time for a new review! 
Well, I got this one at It was for free but the reason I got it was its cover.

I LOVE THE COVER. It's so beautiful, the moment I saw it I wanted to read the book.
To be honest, after seeing the cover I immediately thought it would be a YA book or a book for kids or younger people, I was so wrong :)

No matter what I think about the book the cover is AMAZING :)

by Naomi Kramer
 From Goodreads:

Linda’s had a bad day. First her boyfriend killed her. Then she woke up, still on this boring plane of existence, and with an odd obsession about her missing body. Mike won’t tell her what he did with her body, and she can’t find the stupid thing herself. There’s only one thing she can do - torment the bastard until he coughs up the information.
This is a very short work - novelette length.


Frequent foul language, mild sex scenes, and Australian spelling.

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My rating: 2.5/5

Dead (ish) is supposed to be a funny-paranormal book. Don’t get me wrong, it gets funny some times. It is a short book that can be great for some people.

Dead (ish) is mainly about Lisa. She is dead and she comes back to haunt her boyfriend, who is the same that killed her, and with the help of an investigator is looking for her body to finally rest in peace.

The idea is interesting and is catchy for moments. The switch between the different points of views is a good way to read the whole story. It moves fast and luckily it has a resolution for the story.

But the book has some flaws. I don’t mind the swearing or the sex scenes (that are not really sex scenes is only chatting about sex or some minor memories) I think that they really fit to the story and the characters.

What I didn’t like were the characters. All of them were annoying and I wanted to punch them all. Can anybody be more annoying that these people? Really, I didn't like any of them.

I absolutely love the cover. Is so beautiful and really makes you want to read the book. However, when you see it, you think you will find a kid’s book or something for younger people but it is not.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cemetery Girl - Review

Cemetery Girl by Joseph Cognard.
From Goodreads:
Sketching was always a special gift and talent for Janie. It was her release from the pressures of growing up and her escape from feeling like she didn’t fit in. One day, while sitting and creating illustrations in the cemetery across from her family’s house, “special” took on a whole new meaning for Janie when her drawing revealed a hidden message from beyond the grave. Soon Janie and her best friend Bobby Wu, wonder and doubt her special abilities, but after a successful test in the cemetery, Bobby comes up with a plan to take it to the next level. Janie and her friend seek an answer to the greatest secret ever carried to the grave. “Was he the lone gunman?”
Can Janie really receive messages from beyond the grave, and if so, can the messages help Janie’s new friend, Keith? These questions and many more are answered in the Cemetery Girl, the first book of a planned trilogy by Joseph Cognard and his daughters.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cemetery Girl is a funny and entertaining book. Janie is a young girl dealing with all the things growing up brings and with a special ability.

The story moves with an interesting rhythm. Most books have all the tension accumulated at one point of the book. Cemetery girl is like a rollercoaster. More than once, you get anxious and you see a key moment arriving. Suddenly the situation is solved and a new one start and again you beginning to wait for the resolution of a new part of the story.

I really like that about that book because it felt real. It was like something that can happen for real. In real life not everything has a beginning, a middle and an end. You have thousands of that, reality changes every 5 seconds. The situations, problems, mysteries are solved but you find a new one in the next step.

Janie is a lovely character. Is one of those you can imagine as your friend and you want the best for her. Her BFF is so annoying sometimes but you like her anyway. Bobby and Keith are two great boys; each one has something special and they are an excellent addition to the story.
The paranormal part of the story is really sweet and easy to follow. I’m glad that the book was about more than just that.

The drawings were also an important part of the book. I love them and I think they help you have a more complete idea of the story. And the fact that there were not only one point of view was part of that wide experience.

Cemetery Girl is an ideal book for young readers. Is fast and has all the ingredients of an enjoyable YA novel.

Thanks to Joseph for the copy of the book :).

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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Today I welcome to Shanae Branham, the author of DiSemblance. She is letting us know her dream cast for the book.
If DiSemblace was picked to be made into a movie these would be the actors and actresses Shanae would like to see in her characters's skin.

Jason Tanner:
I would choose Shia LaBeouf, because he has an inner strength that lends well with being shy. I can see Boston being fascinated with his innocence. I also don’t think he would back down. He would make all of the hard choices Jason has to make seem natural.

Boston Komen:
I would choose Emma Watson, because she has a seductive shyness about her. I see her being very mischievous and a rebel behind closed doors. That is why she takes all the pictures.

Bruce Durante:

I would choose Denzel Washington. Okay, he might be a little older than my character in the book, but he can focus with an intensity that won’t let go. I can see him breaking the rules to catch the killer, while being soft with Lisa. He tells it like it is and doesn’t back down. I really like that about him.

Lisa Taylor-Durante: I would choose Tyra Banks. I see her as a reporter with the type of flair of sophistication that gets the people she meets to open up and trust her.


Thanks Shanae for the post!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DiSemblance - Review :)

It's time for a new review.
I totally loved this book. It fits perfect in the YA category and also set a new genre techo-thriller. You have to read to know what I mean, it's AMAZING :)
It's one of those books you can't put down. I was lucky to have received a copy of the book from the author :) Thanks Shanae, I adore you now.
I'm having a giveaway for a copy of it. Go HERE to enter.
DiSemblance by Shanae Branham
Jason Tanner lives between two worlds. Problem is, only one is real.
As a computer prodigy, Jason has spent his life with limited social contact due to his father’s secretive work on a hologram machine that can create digital immortality. When his father is murdered and framed as the Comfort Killer, Jason is targeted as the killer’s new fall guy. Having spent much of his youth living in the virtual world his father created, he must now go on the run if he is going to save himself, his brother, and the beautiful girl next door.

An exciting, action-packed ride to a future happening today, Shanae Branham’s modern techno thriller is the perfect exhilarating adrenaline rush for a techno-savvy generation. Expertly weaving cutting-edge technology with almost unbearable suspense, she crafts a wild, white-knuckled thriller that pushes the boundaries of science. Full of intensity and extraordinary vision,DiSemblance attacks the
senses as it challenges the mind and imagination.

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Do you know when you realize that you are reading a good book? When you can’t put it down, when you even dream about it! Well, this is one of those books.

DiSemblance is an original techno-thriller novel. It grabs you from the start and you can’t stay away from it for too long.

In DiSemblance we meet Jason a 17-year-old boy who has lived his all life almost confined to his house. After saying goodbye to his father, who goes away for the weekend, his life changes from one second to the next. He sees him involve in a strange case of a serial killer and in a fight to save his life, his brother’s and the girl next door.

The story moves extremely fast. With chapters very short (mostly 3 pages long more or less) you can feel the action through the pages. And things change with a speed that gives you the sensation that you are living them.

The book has some moments that blow your mind. You end up feeling like you were hit by a wall. Most of the times the news was so surprising that my mouth hang open for a while. I was like… “Wasn’t he or she supposed to be dead?” Or saying “is this real?”

The most amazing thing was that you really don’t know where the book is going. I love that it isn't predictable. Maybe at the end you have a feeling of where it was going but it still has a great ending.

Jason is an amazing character, a mature, brave, intelligent boy who is willing to do anything in order to clean his father’s name. His brother Isaac his so funny, I adore him. Being totally opposite to Jason he is a bit annoying but anyway he is sweet guy. The detective Durante is the perfect adult character that this book needs. And you couldn’t have a great book without a girl! Boston is the lady in question; she is the perfect match for Jason.

The whole holographic reality is outstanding; it’s excellently explained and is the perfect background. Besides being original DiSemblace makes you question a lot of things. In a world dominated by technology this kind of book makes you wonder some things.

This truly is an excellent book, which is perfect for YA and adults as well.
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