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Voluspa: A Magical World - New Review

Today I bring a new review.
This one is about a book that took a while to arrive because the workers at the post office were on a strike. But I have to say that the waiting was worth it.
If you like fantasy, YA, and romance you should add it to your TBR list.
BTW! If you like you can get it on paper because is very cheap in most of the sites. You won't regret it.

Voluspa: A Magical World  

by Sam D. and Ray East.

Amy, a forlorn fifteen year old girl from NYC, never thought that she would attend school on a magical mountain with wild animals as her classmates and that she would go to a prom on a flying carpet.
Its love at first sight when Drake- a shape shifter rescues her from a pre-historic beast and befriends her. Little does she know that Drake's father is the tyrannical leader who has always wanted Amy and her kind dead. In her struggle to challenge the supremacy in the magical world, she realizes her powers, confronts aspects about herself that she may not be comfortable with, makes lasting friends while excelling in her school - something which she had not been able to do in her human world. All hell breaks loose, as Drake goes missing and Voluspan mercenaries try to hunt Amy down. Amy and her friends use strategic warfare, pit adversaries among themselves and use every last drop of strength, skill and courage as they take on warriors far more ruthless and skilled than themselves. But Amy is in for a rude shock when she finally finds Drake.


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What if you find out that you are more tan just a mere human? What if someone told you that there is another realm out there and you belong to it?

Amy has always been an outcast. A motherless fifteen-year-old struggling to survive in the teenager world sees her life fall apart when her stepfather suffers an accident.

After discovering that she has a grandmother and being dragged to her house, she started to discover thing from her mother’s past. When she finds a book about Voluspa is when the true story begins.

Voluspa is a magical kingdom, where four clans coexist. Each clan has different powers and abilities and the all world is full of magical creatures and magical places.
Amy has to learn about the history of Voluspa, about the different clans and about her own powers. In this new world a new Amy is born, a more confident, strong and powerful Amy. With the help of her friends she makes the transition from an awkward girl to a happy girl. I loved to see her transformation.

On top of that she has to learn one of the most important rules: INTERCLAN RELATIONSHIPS ARE NOT ALLOW. And guess what??? She is in love with someone for another clan. The chemistry between Amy and Drake is explosive. I love to read about them because their dialogues are funny and seem real.
And as for the rest of the characters, each one is unique and lovely on they own way. Every bond in the book as well as the characters are described with a deepness that really touches you and make feel relate with them.

The descriptions are very beautiful, every creature and place is easy to imagine and is beautiful to read about them. The authors made a great work creating a new world, and it may seem overwhelming but it’s not. It flows naturally and you enjoy along with Amy the adventure of discover and explore this new land. The logic of the clans is wonderful, is original and their abilities are believable.

It definitely is one of those books that you want to read more than once.
OH! And what about the ending? My first thought was: “OMG! WHY? Now I have to wait for the sequel?” It has a good ending, with every ingredient for a great finale (fights, bad guys, sacrifice, friendship, secrets solved and more) but it leaves the door open for a next book and now I have to wait for the sequel.

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