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Sequela - New Review


From Goodreads:
Sequela: when one event causes a second or a series of events to occur.
Jerome Grayson is dead; Wade Addams arrested; Jane Doe identified; Jackson Nolan committed suicide. The entire case has been neatly wrapped up. Sandy Grayson's greatest regret is his brother's death. However, the case that brought the drug enforement agent home to Jaspar, also brought Samantha Greene into his life and brought him back into the house from which he had fled years ago ... A place he felt certain he would never be welcome again.
However, his father's suicide, Jerome's death and the similarities to his brother's suicide 12 years ago, drive a young man to wage war against the residents of Jaspar.

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My Rating: 3.5

If you like police-mystery novels you definitely should read Sequela. Sequela is a good read about forgive ourselves and to learn to live with the consequences of our choices. A recommendable police- mystery-action book – which has all the ingredients required by a book of this genre.

In Sequela we meet Kevin, a.k.a. Sandy, a police officer who returns to his home ten years after being kicked out by his father. We find him after the murder of his brother, a drug addict who was involve in a big case of drug dealing, and when he is getting to know Samantha. And then we have Stevie, a young kid with serious psychological problems, better said with some psychiatric issues.

The story revolves around Sandy and Samantha, their relationship and everything that comes as a result of their roles in the drugs case. And at the same time we get glimpses of the situation with Stevie. The whole plot is a bit long and confusing to explain in a few paragraphs. However, while you are reading the book the characters and the different sides of the story are told in an understandable way. The story moves with a natural and good rhythm, which is easy to follow.

There were only few things I didn’t like so much: for example, at first I didn’t know where the story was going. There are so many things in the story that happened before the facts told in the book that it was a little hard to really follow where the characters where going or why they acted like they did.

Overall, the idea is great, I found it very believable and the characters are well described. Sandy-Kevin is a great male character, strong but sensible at the same time and he really cared for Samantha who is not the typical "damsel in danger". She is  really strong, inteligent and is as important as the guy.

A fun thing about it was the main characters, Sandy and Sam, I found the trick between their names,
or nicknames, hilarious. I don’t know if it was me or something with the fact that I’m a Spanish speaker, but it was a little tricky to difference the girl and the boy. Their names sounded very similar.

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