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Review: Omniverse by Liam Parker

Omniverse: Book I of the Omniverse Chronicles
Title: Omniverse: Book I of the Omniverse Chronicles
Author: Liam Parker
Series: Book I of the Omniverse Chronicles
Release Date: December 14th 2013
Format: Paperback & Ebook
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Source: complimentary copy in exchange of an honest review.


What if you were haunted by strange and terrible dreams in the night? But what if they were not dreams, but preludes of the truth? What if you met the woman of your dreams in a nightmare? What if you learned that you were doomed to a terrible destiny, and that there was nothing that you could do to escape it?
This is the fate that befalls Jack Thornton, a former Marine lieutenant who served with the famed "Walking Dead" in Vietnam and who is now a lawyer in San Francisco. His quiet, ordered life begins to unravel, however, when his nightmares begin to shape his waking hours. The grim images that haunt Jack's sleep are not of Vietnam, but of things and beings not of this earth. Foremost among them is an adversary older than time and evil beyond imagining: the Yarvaak Golu, The-God-Who-Waits.
Jack comes to realize that he is something far more than human. He is a Hero, an undying servant of the Absolute, doomed to an endless cycle of violent death and rebirth. Jack Thornton finally accepts not only what he is, but that his very soul and our world are in more than merely mortal danger. Jack's journey of discovery leads him down a dangerous and uncharted path to a deadly meeting with his eternal enemy, Heinrich Kuhl; who, like Jack, is also more than merely human. Kuhl is a Servant of Death: a willing pawn of far greater and vastly more malevolent entities than himself. But Jack Thornton will find friends as well as enemies.
He will meet the hauntingly beautiful Aiyanna, whom he encounters in a terrifying dream; and Brighid, the fiery red-haired goddess who loved him in a far-off time and place where he bore a storied name. He will also meet Sean Plunkett, once a feared IRA gunman and soldier of fortune, and now his guide on the Way of the Hero.
This then, is the beginning of Jack Thornton's tale, the first book of The Omniverse Chronicles.

Liam Parker has been a busboy, a bank messenger, a bartender, an editor, a history teacher, a trial lawyer, and a United States Marine. A lifelong martial artist, he holds the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt in Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Karate. He lives in the Pacific Northwest, where he is currently at work on the sequel to Omniverse.


First of all I have to say that after three failed attemps of reading this book, I made one of my goals for 2015 to finish this book. This last time after reading the first chapter I couldn't put the book down. I don't know what went wrong the other times but I'm so glad I read this book.

Now... the review.

Jack Thornton has been having strange dreams, nightmares that leave him with a feeling of unease. When he starts to look answers he discovers that the threat is real but not from this world.

A really complex character, Jack is a strong and powerful man. He is an ex Marine and now works as a lawyer. Having fought in Vietnam he is haunted by the past and sometimes daily life seems a burden.

Once the bad guys make an apparition, things go out of control. There is a lot of action, bullets, blood and danger. Despite having more than 400 pages the book moves quite fast.

I really liked that the book was set in 1973, the scars of the war are still fresh. The protagonists are still alive (or at least those who survived). They have to live with the horrors repeating in their minds. It creates an interesting scenario for the story.

I feel like the explanation of the bigger picture, the whole Omniverse concept and all takes a long to take place. Let me be clear the plot is solid and it's well built. However, Jack takes too long to discover all even his true identity.

The book has a lot of secondary characters. They are a group of people from all over the world, which is totally smart given that there are bigger forces that move the strings of the universe. My favorite was the Irish guy, he is a real kick-ass.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. The cover is really beautiful (the main reason why I picked up the book).

Friday, January 23, 2015

Review: The Last Superhero by @artistikem

The Last Superhero
Title: The Last Superhero
Author: Astrid "Artistikem" Cruz
Release Date: December 18th 2014
Format: Paperback & Ebook
Publisher: Artistikem
Source: complimentary copy in exchange of an honest review.


Even heroes have the right to bleed...
Everybody knows that Steven S. Waldorf, the last superhero to roam the Earth, died twenty-eight years ago. What everyone ignores is that not only is he still alive, but being kept under the protection of the United State's government.
That is until, one night, he finds himself saving a young woman from getting mugged.
Giana is no ordinary twenty-nine year old, though. She's witty, badmouthed, and once she's set her focus on something nothing can make her stray from her goal.
Even if that means putting her life on the line to save the man she's come to know and love from the nightmares that torment him.

I always wondered how people would react if superheroes were real. Would we be friendly with them? or as usual would we be afraid of these people with superpowers? who might seem so different from us but equals in essence.

In this world created by Astrid, the last superhero walking on Earth saves Giana from a dangerous situation and from then on a chaotic, romantic, intense and why not exciting story starts to develop.

Giana is a twenty-nine-year old woman, who owns a bookstore (my dream job) and to be honest has a lot to figure out about life. Like most thirtyish people she still needs to decide where she is going professionally and her personal life is a disaster. Here enters Steven S. Waldorf, a superhero with a shady past.

Once she meets Steven, curiosity wins and she decides to take a leap of faith and gives him a chance. The relationship between those two is really good. It goes from innocent and sweet, to hard and intense.

I really like Giana because she is like a walking disaster but still manages to be the heroin of the story. She has a real and believable personality and of course she makes mistakes. I love characters with flaws because I can relate to that. Despite her doubts, her hesitating moments and all, she is everything I want in a character and more.

Steven is hard to describe. There a shadows in his personality but his loneliness and despair is really well described. This dark character was perfect to create such a story.

The plot was flawless and easy to understand. The author creates a solid world, with explanations for all the questions you might have. It´s not only a story about love, there is also a lot of action and adrenaline going on. The whole deal with the government is outstanding. There are moments that really blown up my mind because of the consequences of some choices.

Now, I have to mention the dream land (or the nightmares world). The human imagination is powerful and can create things beyond our wildest dreams. So everything that happen in this place is fantastic. The scenes were written in a way that made easy to picture each moment. They were vivid, colorful and full of action.

The story was so gripping that made me impossible to stop reading. Each word dragged me more and more into a world where feelings and emotions were palpable and real.

Another thing I loved was Giana´s voice. The author gave her the power and she became a living entity. This is the result of the writing style. The way the character talks to herself and describe the events for her is original and refreshing . It seems like she has forgotten that the reader is there observing her life.

Overall, this is an excellent book, very recommendable. If you like superheroes, love and fantasy you should read this one.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Giveaway by @RoanePublishing

The great people at Roane Publishing is giving away 3 eARCs of Accidental Valentine, a Romance Anthology!

Accidental Valentine

A Romance Anthology by Various Authors
Publisher: Roane Publishing

Release Date: February 13, 2015

Guiding Hearts by Claire Gillian
Is a lonely woman's GPS sentient or is her subconscious taking her by the hand to help heal a scarred heart?
When Jemma Ernst's GPS malfunctions and sends her to the home of handsome and engaging Gabriel Nash, she writes it off as a fluke. But she can't seem to reprogram him out of her thoughts nor her GPS.

Better Latte Than Never by Katrina Sizemore

Single and cold on Valentine’s Day, Hailey Merritt is not looking forward to working all day at the coffee shop while everyone around her is cheery with romance and she’s stuck trying to figure out her next step in life.
But, when a special bouquet arrives for her from a secret admirer, she decides to reserve judgment on this holiday and find whomever sent the flowers.
Maybe Cupid has a plan to make this her favorite Valentine’s Day ever.

Dream Architect by S.L. Hughson

Taylor and Sons Custom Design keeps ASHLIN TAYLOR at arm’s length from her dream job. If only she were a son, she could follow her architectural dream. In the Taylor creed, girls get married and boys have careers. DYLAN CUTRIGHT focuses on finishing college and landing an architectural engineering job in a large firm. Minus emotional ties.
After their accidental encounter, their attraction is amplified during their work interaction.
Unlike her family, Dylan encourages Ashlin to pursue her dream by enrolling in college. He even argues her case with Uncle Mike. All of this support confuses Ashlin because when she moves closer to him, he rebuffs her for reasons she can only speculate about.
Valentine’s Day might be the perfect opportunity for Ashlin to make him notice her. They are working together - alone - on the most romantic day of the year. Dylan builds her dream of career, but will he ever lower his walls and become more than just the man IN her dreams?

One Hot Angel by Jaylee Austin

Oblivious to Tiffany Jenkins in three short weeks her life will end—unless she makes the perfect choice. Will she chose revenge and expose her ex-husband? Or chose love and surrender her heart to the only man who can save her?

Rock My Bones by Wendy Sparrow

Jared has been eyeing the sexy mural painter from inside the museum’s paleontology lab, but she’s way out of his league. He can’t let her paint that obviously misplaced fern, though…even if it means initiating contact. You could call her a paleontology groupie, but Shay Meyers is interested in a more modern specimen. An adult male Homo Sapien to be exact—one who needs to be dragged out of his lab for a practical course in mating rituals. If she’s lucky, this will be the Valentine’s Day she rocks his bones.

Roane Publishing is giving away THREE ARC copies to three lucky winners!

You don’t even have to be a blogger.
If you are willing to leave an honest review between the dates of February 13th and February 27th, you are eligible to enter.
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You have until Midnight of January 24th when three winners will be chosen by random drawing.

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Review: Feeling Lucky by @kathybryson2

Feeling Lucky
Title: Feeling Lucky
Author: Kathy Bryson
Release Date:
June 18th 2013
Format: E-book
Soul Mate Publishing 
Source: complimentary copy in exchange of an honest review.

So, Megan O’Malley gave in to drunken temptation and pinched a cute guy’s ass at her cousin’s wedding. Who’d have thought a perfectly normal guy—okay, a bit short—was a leprechaun or that he’d have such a bad attitude about giving away his money?! Now that she’s captured him, Megan may be five million dollars richer, but she’s also got an angry leprechaun camped out on her sofa, doing his best to prevent her from becoming the business mogul of her dreams! Fergus O’Reilly cannot figure out what he’s done to upset the Queen of the Fairies. He was working hard to rebuild his family’s honor when he took one small break to help friends play a wedding. Then some drunken lady pinched his ass, the Queen declared him caught, and now he’s broke, homeless, and hustling to stop the lovely lady with the wandering fingers from spending his money! This would be so much easier if she wasn’t cute and caring and determined to help with his so-called money addiction!


Kathy BrysonKathy Bryson knew she wanted to be a writer when she finished reading through her school and local children’s libraries. She spent 20 years honing her writing skills on marketing brochures, websites, and several unfinished manuscripts before going into teaching and finishing a book with all the stuff she enjoys most – from coffee to love to Shakespeare! Kathy lives in Florida where she caters to the whims of two spoiled cats and wonders what possessed her to put in 75 feet of flower beds.

Her first book, Feeling Lucky, won the 2014 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award for Best First Book.


Feeling Lucky is a funny, light romance with a lot of fantasy involved.
After trashing her cousin's wedding, Megan finds herself surrounded by magical creatures who will turn her life into a crazy rollercoaster. And to make things even better, she gets stuck with an angry but cute leprechaun and his five million fortune. Yes... a recipe for disaster and fun.

Megan is a forty-year-old woman who enjoys life by partying, drinking and having fun. Don't get me wrong, I think she is fantastic and her personality is really likeable. She does whatever she wants despite what people thinks but without being reckless or hurting people (of course the incident at the wedding is the only exception).

Fergus O’Reilly (the cute but temperamental leprechaun) is an interesting but simple character. He is not easy to figure out and his personality is like all over the place. He is supposed to have this money addiction and for moments is sweet but for others acts like crazy. I couldn't really like him, despite he has some hilarious scenes.

There is a lot of fantasy in the story which I really liked. I think is amazing to think of a world where fairies and other creatures are real and coexist with us. They make the world more surprising.

The plot is good, the story moves on naturally and it's enjoyable.

Overall, this is a good romance with doses of humor and good characters.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Author Interview: Mariah E. Wilson @MariahEWilson

Today I welcome author Mariah E. Wilson. I want to thank her in advance for taking the time to answer my questions. 
Now... keep reading and find out more about this lovely author.
Hello and welcome!

Ruty –  Your book ‘We Walk Alone’ “is about the struggle to connect with people and the world around us” according to the Goodreads description. 
What was your inspiration behind the poems?
Mariah: While each poem has its own separate inspiration, the inspiration for the collection as a whole was the need us humans have to connect with people, to feel that we belong somewhere and that our lives somehow matter.

Ruty – How was the process of choosing which poems to include in the book?
Mariah: It was surprisingly hard. There were some pieces that I wanted to include, but that simply didn’t fit the theme. It was hard to see them excluded, but in the end I know I made the right decision.

Ruty – So... you have a fiction novel coming on. Can you tell us what it is about?
Mariah: I can tell you that The Demon in Him is a little darker than your usual contemporary romance. It’s about a girl’s struggle to do the right thing for herself, while feeling pressure to do the right thing for other people.

Ruty – What are you currently working on?
Mariah: I am currently working on several projects. I have a couple of poetry collections on the go. One that I’m fine tuning, another that I’m still writing material for. I also have two books that I’m working on. One is a Romantic Suspense novel and the other is a Contemporary Romance. I wish I could say more but it’s too early yet.

Ruty – Which would be the most important advice you’d give to future authors?
Mariah: Finish what you start. There is nothing that will hone your craft better or faster than having a finished piece to work on. The revision process can sometimes be the hardest thing to learn because of the magnitude of it. What advice do you take? What do you change? Will things work better if you do it a different way? It can feel really daunting, but it is so worth it.

Ruty – What is your favorite writing scenario?
Mariah: I like to write in the quiet of the early morning before anyone else is awake, but I also like to write with music after everyone else is gone for the day. I’m flexible like that. I can also write with kids playing in the background, but I cannot write with my husband staring over my shoulder. It makes me nervous.

Ruty – If you have to choose only one genre to write, which one it would be?
Mariah: Romance. I love love, what can I say.
Now tells us a bit about yourself:

Favorite book: Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Mongomery. There’s about fifty other books that I’d like to also put here.
Favorite author: Dean Koontz
Coffee or Tea: Coffee
Paperback or E-book: Both. But since I use it more, ebook. 
Write with or without music: With. Or without. But I prefer with.

Thank you for your time!!!

Mariah E. Wilson is a writer from beautiful British Columbia. She has been published in Thin Air Magazine, Every Day Poets, The Kitchen Poet, Literary Orphans and The Corner Club Press, for which she is also now the Poetry Editor. Her first poetry collection, We Walk Alone, was published by Writers AMuse Me Publishing.

Find out more about her and her books:


We Walk Alone

We Walk Alone
We each are but a grain of sand on a beach, a cog in a great time piece. We are surrounded, yet solitary, wanting to be part of the whole while aching to be individual.
We search for those special connections, reaching out with hope but holding back with trepidation, our hearts wanting one thing when our minds are saying something different. Yet within this battle, despite the scars, we somehow manage to find love, hope, companionship, and purpose, ultimately without surrendering our ability to find that necessary peace within ourselves.
We Walk Alone examines the journeys we take in our head. It's about the struggle to connect with people and the world around us.